1996 BMW 318

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1996 BMW 318 Review
A textbook example of how to improve on excellence.

By Tony Swan


1996 BMW 318 Review Overview

BMW may not be the best car company on the planet, but it's hard to think of one that's turning out a more consistent string of winners.

The new 328i, senior member of the 3-Series line, is a good example of how BMW works its magic: Brilliant vehicle concept, outstanding design, superb engineering and excellent assembly, backed by continuous improvement between major makeovers.

That's what the '96 328i represents. Although it's a modest update on its predecessor, the 325i, modest doesn't mean that updates aren't substantial. BMW doesn't do things just for show.

We had a chance to drive the 328i sedan and 328is coupe in the wide open spaces of Nevada and California, a trek that wound its way from Death Valley--at 282 ft. below sea level, the lowest point in the country--to the Mammoth Mountain ski area, some 8000 ft. up in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

Throughout these travels, which included high speed and high altitude, the 328s performed flawlessly.

We selected the 328i sedan as the focus for our report.

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