1999 Nissan Quest

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1999 Nissan Quest Review
All-new, it retains its handling response.

By Martin Padgett Jr.


1999 Nissan Quest Review Overview

In the six years since the Nissan Quest was unveiled, the state of the art in minivans has evolved to include dual sliding doors, more powerful engines, and slick interchangeable seating. Completely redesigned for 1999, the Quest now offers all of those features. Yet somehow, in an age of ever-increasing waistlines, the Quest has kept its appealingly slim figure.

Far and away, the Quest's best feature is its adjustable seating configurations. By increasing the length nearly five inches, Nissan has made the interior much more usable and flexible - though it's not as roomy as the long-wheelbase Chryslers, the Ford Windstar or the new Honda Odyssey.

Though it's longer now, the maneuverability and car-like response of the Quest makes it one of the most pleasing minivans available from a driver's standpoint. A myriad of features inside keep children happy in the back seats and, when fitted with the optional second-row captain's chairs, it's a comfortable ride for a full load of adults.

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