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2017 Lexus RC 350 Review

The Japanese grand tourer is alive and well

2017 Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury Review

A masterful replacement for the LR4 finally arrives

2017 BMW M760i xDrive

The triumvirate of power, luxury and exclusivity reign supreme

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country T6 AWD Review

The Swedish Crossover Wagon delivers style and substance

Want This, Buy This: Toyota Tacoma vs. Nissan Frontier

When you can't get the Taco you want, check out the Frontier

A midsize truck offers a lot of utility and capability in a smaller, easy to manage package. The Toyota Tacoma is a stalwart of the segment. It's well-known and well-loved by many and its price reflects this. If the Tacoma's higher price tag is a turn-off for you, there's another option out there, the Nissan Frontier. Let's take a look at these two mid-sizers and see how they stack up when compared.

The Lina Biodegradable Car Gives New Meaning to Green Wheels

You may not be able to compost it, but it's pretty earth-friendly

The folks at Autonews recently reported a serious breakthrough in the green car world. It takes the form of the Lina biodegradable car, created by a group of students in the Netherlands. It's not made of soy, kale, bamboo or the tears of Al Gore, but it is quite revolutionary.

How the Car You Want Could Financially Handcuff You

Don't be a slave to the high priced car of your dreams

We've all got that ideal car. That vehicle that excites and entices us, but the thing is, most of the time, that's not the car you should buy. The world is rife with people who bought a car that they simply can't afford. You know that cool neighbor guy down the street with the new Ford Shelby Mustang GT 350? Yeah, he's locked in for 72 months paying over $800 each month.

Faraday Future Shifts Gears and Also Gets Funding

The automotive startup could be getting a fresh start

Faraday Future has had a lot of ups and downs in getting themselves off the ground. Recently, they've scrapped their plans to build a billion-dollar factory in Nevada in exchange for signing a lease for a new manufacturing facility in Hanford, California. Due to their financial troubles, they had to resort to this option, but it may just yet be the right move for them.

Auto Evolution: Kia Sportage

Kia's little crossover has gone through a serious transformation

If you want a compact crossover, you have a lot of choices to choose from. One of the best out there is the Kia Sportage. If offers a tasteful interior and excellent driving dynamics for a budget minded vehicle. The exterior of the vehicle likely won't win any beauty contests, but it's such a good package overall that it's easy to get over the way it looks. The Sportage was always a decent crossover, but it took Kia years to refine this vehicle and make it what it is today.

The Rumor Mill: The Ferrari SUV

The Prancing Horse will probably go big and tall?

The times, they are definitely a-changin'. The crossover craze has had a wide and heavy influence on the automotive industry, and it seems that no area of the market is immune to the siren song of the tall standing, rear-hatch-having, SUV-style vehicle type. Even, Ferrari, the high-class purveyor of Italian sports cars, could get in on the money-making action that is the SUV.

The Cadillac CT5 Will Replace the CTS, ATS, and XTS

Cadillac will cut down the number of sedans in its lineup

Previously, we reported that many of General Motor's sedans may be on the chopping block soon. Those reports were just rumors and speculation, but it seems there may have been a little truth in them if only for the fact that there will likely be fewer sedans in GM's future. Cadillac's boss Johan de Nysschen spoke with Reuters and said that the XTS, CTS, and ATS sedans would cease to exist after 2019 in a pursuit to "rebalance" the company's sedan portfolio.

Gear Up: 3 Fuel Additives You Should Buy for Your Car

These are the additive products that will keep your engine clean

Fuel additives can help reduce the amount of carbon build up inside your engine. Keep in mind, if your car is new, you likely won't need to use these fuel additives, but if you own an older car with a lot of miles on it, studies have shown that the chemicals and detergents in these products do make a difference. Check out the video below from Engineering Explained to get an in depth look at how these fuel additives function and why they work.

63,000 Tesla Model 3 Pre-Order Customers Decided They Can't Wait Anymore

Some people feel they've been waiting too long for the Model 3

Have you ever waited so long for something that you just decide to give up on it, no matter how close you are to having it? Well a significant amount of people who pre-ordered a Tesla Model 3 are in that predicament right now. While this may look like a negative thing to most, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is actually a bit relieved due to the cancellations.

25 of the Best Rally Photos and Videos We Could Find

If these don't make you want to go out and race, nothing will.

One of the most exciting motorsports out there is rally racing. These types of races take place on a point-to-point course instead of a circuit course. Basically, you see who can drive the fastest from one spot to the other. To demonstrate just how amazing and beautiful the sport is, we thought it best to round up a bunch of photos and videos for your enjoyment. 

5 Great Things About the 2018 Toyota Camry

Toyota's all-new Camry comes with some serious improvements

When Toyota set out to redesign the Camry, the company knew it had to get it right. For years the Camry has been a stalwart when it comes to solid reliable transportation, but Toyota wanted to make the model more than just a useful appliance. It wanted to make the car memorable and more important than ever. One look at the new Camry and its clear the company succeeded.

Most Car Grilles Tend to Look the Same These Days

The battle for brand recognition sometimes falls flat

Take a look at the cars on the road today. Everyone's striving for original styling, but everyone copies each other at the same time. Car grilles are a prime example. Across the gamut of manufacturers, it seems that most of them look pretty much the same, utilizing a wide ellipsoid shape with parallel top and bottom lines of the grille frame and angled outer edges.

Will the Smart Brand Survive Here?

It will be interesting to see if these tiny cars can keep rolling

The gas models are already done. According to USA Today, Mercedes-Benz said the gas-powered smart car will be no more after 2017. That happened back in February. The electric version of the car will soldier on. The real question is for how long? It seems that Smart as a brand is dwindling, not that it was ever really an industry behemoth.

First Drive: 2018 Dodge Durango SRT

Dodge's big three-row is now track-ready, as well as family friendly

Dodge may be best-known for its high-powered muscle cars but the company still has to cater to the masses. That's what the Durango is for. However, the folks at SRT couldn't let this excellent vehicle just be a family hauler, so they decided to go ahead and give the vehicle a performance treatment, not unlike that of the Dodge SRT muscle cars. The result? A performance SUV that qualifies as the most powerful three-row SUV available.