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2017 Volvo S60 T5 AWD Dynamic Review

A still great model is clearly showing its age

2017 Audi Q7 3.0T Prestige Review

Very competent, very good to drive. Essentially, very German.

2017 Toyota Camry XLE Review

A known quantity with good qualities

2017 Toyota 86 Review

Driving gems like this are few and far between

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The 3 Best Used Minivans For Less Than $20,000

Should You Put Your Wipers Up or Down Before a Snowstorm?

What to do before Snowmageddon descends on you

With a near-spring blizzard making its way across the country today, it's high-time we re-addressed the wipers up/down controversy that keeps folks awake at night wondering what to do. Though no laboratory tests have ever been conducted to support either side of the argument, it doesn't mean that the issue can't be resolved here and now.

The Next Nissan LEAF Will Appropriately Show Up in the Fall of 2017

Everbody's thinking, "It's about damned time."

Now that it's been about seven years since the LEAF's introduction, with nary a change to the little eco-hatch, it's high time Nissan replaced the vehicle since others are surging way ahead like the Chevy Bolt, the BMW i3 and the Volkswagen e-Golf with its recently improved range. It looks like Nissan will actually unveil the successor to the current LEAF this September, and it's aimed for showrooms before the end of 2017.

Gear Up: Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Mitt

Wash your car with a premium product to preserve its shine

Although it's still cold out there, spring is fast approaching and before you know it, it will be sunny and warm enough to pull your car out into the driveway and give it a good bath. It probably needs it. That's where the Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Mitt comes in.

Audi Q8 Sport Concept Bows at Geneva Motor Show

Electrification can equal both power and efficiency

Audi's Q8 Sport Concept made its debut earlier this week at the Geneva Motor Show. While there were plenty of novel vehicles at the show, Audi's Q8 was probably one of our favorites. The reason? It's supposed to make a crazy amount of power from its hybrid supercharged 3.0-liter V6. That, and it's tangerine color.

Recent WikiLeaks Document Reveals Disconcerting CIA "Mission" With Next-Gen Vehicles

Is it just us, or does this seem straight out of a movie?

The need for personal privacy and security cannot be overstated. Over the past few years, need for security has only grown, for both the government and for the citizens of the country. Very recently, WikiLeaks released documents showing the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has plans for a "mission" to hack connected car technology, causing the auto industry fear that their next generation vehicles could be turned and used against them.

These Five Supercar Crashes Show Us That Money Can't Buy Skills

The phrase, "Look, Ma! No Skills!" applies here.

We wonder why some supercar owners have more balls than skills, and many times there's video evidence of rich dudes (mostly) who wreck while showing off. It's tragic to see such wonderful cars become the victims of vehicular unforced errors. Check out the five videos below and tell us these nightmares weren't avoidable. We still won't believe you.

The Lamborghini Huracán Performante is a Vicious Viper of a Supercar

When you take angry and just throw hell at it

We recently showed you what the new Lamborghini Huracán Performante could do on a track, and that's not an easy feat. The new track-minded Lambo just got unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, and it's a rakish beast even when it's standing still. The Performante takes the already scintillating performance of the base car and improves on it, making the car an absolute performance machine with which to reckon.

Magna Builds a Brilliant Self-Charging Electric FCV

An ingenious solution to two efficiency problems

There are a few problems with the available alternative fuel sources of electric and hydrogen vehicles. Mainly the issues lie with limited EV range, as well as the problem of limited infrastructure for refueling hydrogen-powered vehicles. Both work to create a world that is more breathable, as they have virtually zero-emissions, but for a few reasons, the world isn't quite ready for either of them to be the definitive norm.

The Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept is the Brand's Future

When Old School and New School beautifully collide

Not only Bentley cars beautifully crafted, they're fast, opulent and adored as a luxury brand. Well, those old world methods may remain alive for now and in the future, but the way of the world points to more efficient powertrains across virtually all manufacturers. That's why the electric Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept just showed up at the Geneva Motor Show.

4 Upcoming Supercars That Will Blow Your Mind

Just when you thought things couldn't get better

We get to drive some pretty cool cars as automotive journalists. However, supercars tend to be in such high demand that the blessing of getting in one is a rare occurrence. That doesn't stop us from marking down models on our list that we'd like to throw around a turn or two.

Nevada Treasurer Wants to Audit Faraday Future

As red flags are raised, audit incentive deals will be investigated

Nevada has been the site for new growth of some newer automotive companies. Both Tesla and Faraday Future have made some pretty huge plans for the state, having either started construction on a production factory, or planned the construct of one. The fact that they seemed to have gotten some somewhat "too good to be true" incentives out of doing so, has the state treasurer questioning their legitimacy, especially Faraday Future's.

Everything You Need to Know About the Rimac Concept_One Electric Supercar

Wicked fast without the gasoline growl or pollution

No matter how you feel about it, electric cars will play a huge role in the future of automobiles, even high-performance supercars. One of the most recent examples of an EV supercar that can blow away the competition is the Rimac Concept_One. The Concept_One is an innovative EV supercar built on a unique platform.

The Volkswagen Arteon is Way More Dramatic Than the CC

You can't ignore the Audi A7 inspiration in the styling.

Volkswagen's CC sedan is a fine car. The issue with the CC is it's a little too boring. The Arteon, the replacement in the lineup for the CC, spices things up quite a lot. Just look at the front end of the car. It's a car that says, "Yes, I'm a VW but I'm not just some bland peoples' car." In short, we think the Arteon is great looking, like a racier CC with some real attitude.

5 Supercar Concepts That Should've Been Made

Some truly great ideas never make it to fruition

There are plenty of ludicrous concept supercars out there. Atrocities that we would never want to see produced. However, every once in a while, an automaker hits the mark just right, and suddenly we find ourselves in love with a technologically advanced and exceptionally fast machine we can't actually have.