Now Is the Time to Get Millennials to Buy Cars, Study Says

With $135 billion to spend, Gen Y-ers are on every automaker's mind.

This year, that rascally group of about 42 million Americans known as Millennials, or Generation Y, will comprise 25 percent of the new vehicle market, according to research from car-selling site TrueCar. Not only are Millennials reaching the maybe-I-should-move-out-of-mom's-basement age, but unemployment is down 12 percent from last year, meaning if ever there was a time to sell cars to this generation of young'uns, it's now.

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Are Those $4 Million Super Bowl Commercials Worth It For Automakers?

KBB survey finds car ads have little impact on viewers.

The fact that Super Bowl ads have become as over-hyped a phenomenon as the game itself is either a testament to just how boring football is or to just how creative ad agencies can get. But for all the millions spent on game-time ads ($4.5 million is the going rate for a 30-second TV spot), not to mention the expense involved in making the ads (Chrysler's famous Eminem ad cost $12 million)

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The Volkswagen Golf GTD Variant: Yet Another Amazing Vehicle We'll Never See Stateside

... but that doesn't make it any less brilliant.

We haven't even been to the Chicago Auto Show yet, but already, the hype for March's Geneva Motor Show is rising, and quickly. Volkswagen, keen to contribute to said excitement, has released two images of the upcoming Golf GTD Variant, a hopped-up diesel wagon that, sadly, won't be coming to America any time soon. But that doesn't mean it's not worth drooling over.

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VW's New Super-Bowl XLIV Pitch Is "Tailgüten": Wagons Are Great

The Golf R Wagon is good for many things, including tailgating.

There's an ugly truth, known to every single auto writer in the world, but rarely spoken of by American automakers. No, not another recall scandal - the ugly truth we're talking about is the incontestable supremacy of the station wagon. Although they're practically verboten in the States, Europeans never gave up on wagons, the way we status-obsessed Americans did.

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Kia to Debut Electric AWD Concept Car (Most Likely a Soul EV Variant) in Chicago

Could it be an AWD electric Soul? All signs point to yes.

Automakers love to tease their new vehicles. It's a cheap and easy way to generate buzz. Announce a new car, or the impending debut of a new car, and then rather than show a picture of the car, just show a silhouette, or a small detail. Just enough to give a hint of something new, but not enough to give it all away.

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