The McLaren P1 GTR Turns You into a Real Racer

You're paying for way more than the car itself.

The McLaren P1 is a hell of a hypercar. It's a plug-in hybrid that produces a net output of 903 horsepower and 722 lb-ft of torque. It's one of the fastest and most capable cars on the road, and McLaren believes that if you want to go any faster, you should be stuck with a track-only car. That's the idea behind the P1 GTR, a hardcore apex-carver that comes with enough training to turn you into a proper race car driver.

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First Drive: The 2015 Toyota Sienna

The "swagger wagon" lives up to its ridiculous name.

On my initial walk-around of the 2015 Toyota Sienna I was extremely impressed with the dark chestnut-brown leather interior on the Limited grade with an enormous 16-inch drop-down video monitor and the large amount of legroom. Toyota has turned what was once deemed only for soccer moms into a rolling man cave complete with premium sound and Blueray (should you spring for it).

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First Drive: The 2015 Toyota Camry

Toyota realizes there's always room for improvement.

Toyota's midcycle revamp of the Camry is everything it was hyped up to be. Having spent a day in sunny Jacksonville, Florida, driving several different models, it was easy to see why the Camry sold over 400,000 units last year and is on track to beat that number in 2014.

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Nissan Updates the Pathfinder and the Armada for 2015

SUVs for families of all sizes are freshened for the new year.

Autumn is typically the time where automakers will roll out the next-model-year versions of their current cars. Even though the cars might not receive much in the way of new options, new paint colors, or new prices, in a market where even small refreshes can matter to keeping up with the competition, it's important to bring something new to the table. Nissan is in the process of doing exactly that with the 2015 Pathfinder and the 2015 Armada.

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The 2015 Dodge Charger: Fast and Family-Friendly

Try paying these prices at your average German dealership.

Earlier this year, Dodge released the 2015 Challenger, which featured a whole host of upgrades to both the interior and exterior. However, the thing that most people focused on was the Hellcat trim, which gave the Challenger a 707-horsepower Hemi V-8. Now, it's time for Dodge to release its four-doored Challenger, otherwise known as the Charger, and just like its coupe brother, the Charger brings both power and affordability to the table.

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First Drive: The 2015 Toyota Yaris

The affordable sub-compact is now even sportier.

My opinion has definitely changed after driving the hell out of a few Yarises (Yari?) in sunny Florida over the last couple of days. he truth is the Yaris fills an important and often overlooked niche that was once populated with Dodge Neons and Chevrolet Cavaliers - the inexpensive college kid car. But this is no bare-bones box on wheels.

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