First Drive: The 2016 Prius Aims to Trend Set Hybrids Once Again

Edgy styling and real world performance set it apart

Fifteen years ago, Toyota launched the world's first mass-produced gasoline/electric hybrid vehicle, named Prius. Latin for "to go before," the name suggested that this groundbreaking vehicle would be a leader among others to come. Now, nearly two decades later, those others have come, and they're giving the original fuel-sipper a run for its money.

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Car Ownership Is A Commitment. These Models Attract The Loyalists

Makes your dating history seem paltry by comparison

Buying a car is a pretty big decision most people will have to make at some point during their lifetime. It requires a substantial investment of time and money, and can feel a little like entering a long-term relationship. Of course, nothing is ever life-or-death-binding, so when an owner is ready to move on, they can easily trade-in or sell their old vehicle for another. But some owners take the commitment to their car to heart, and they're in it for the long haul.

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Pre-Owned Pick: Hyundai Tucson

The older design is still pretty fresh for a small CUV

The new 2016 Hyundai Tucson is a bonafide beauty, and it's rife with excellent technology and amenities. But the 2nd generation Tucson's styling was so ahead of its time that it still looks great today. The cut lines, the sporty sheetmetal and the overall rakish body was incredibly bold for a CUV back when it was released in 2010.

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7 Sporty Cars You Shouldn't Overlook

It doesn't have to be a true sports car to put a smile on your face

We all dream of owning a sleek, eye-catching sports car with more pavement-ripping power than we'll ever need, but unfortunately the practical realities of life keep us from a two-seater sports car's sexy curves. While your family, budget or disapproving spouse may keep you from the car of your dreams, it doesn't mean you have to completely forsake your need for fun and speed.

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Pre-Owned Pick: The 2013 Honda Fit is a Compact Gem

Yes, this little number is easily more than the sum of its parts

If you're in the hunt for an excellent used car value that also happens to be diminutive outside but shockingly roomy on the inside, then the 2013 Honda Fit might just be the best selection you can make. The second generation compact hatchback was redesigned in 2012 and improved in just about every way. Plus, we think it looks and drives far better than the third-generation car, which bowed in 2015.

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First Drive: The 2016 Lexus RX Is Still the Luxury Crossover MVP

A veteran crossover redefines itself in a huge way.

After 55 years of essentially wearing the same costume, Superman got a radical new look in 1993. It took Superman's clean cut aesthetic and pretty much made him look like an intergalactic hitman/runway model and helped redefine the superhero in preparation for a new century. This same approach to punchy freshness is essentially what Lexus has done with their longstanding RX.

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