Volvo Continues to Drag Out its XC90 Reveal

With this much interesting tech, no wonder it's taking so long.

Volvo has been slowly releasing data on its upcoming, all-new XC90 crossover. As a matter of fact, Volvo is taking several months to unveil this car, choosing to release small tidbits every so often. It's been quite a long time, and we still haven't even seen the exterior in full. That said, Volvo is doing this for a very good reason - a reason that every prospective car buyer should be paying attention to.

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Nissan Remains Dedicated to Semi-Autonomous Vehicles

The Japanese OEM is one of few to announce a proper roadmap.

We keep hearing so much about autonomous cars, but from what we've seen, the progress towards that goal isn't exactly clear. Google's developed a car based around its fully-autonomous system, and automakers have integrated semi-autonomous safety systems into their better-optioned cars, but nobody's really laid out their full plan. Until now, that is; finally, Nissan's come out with a proper autonomy roadmap.

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Autos 101: How to Change Your Oil

Learn the cornerstone of DIY car maintenance.

Having some basic auto knowledge is important for everyone, not just gearheads. Knowing a thing or two about what's under the hood and how your car functions will make you a safer, more confident driver. Autos 101 is your resource to learn about basic auto maintenance, along with common problems and how to fix them. This week we look at the cornerstone of DIY car maintenance, the home oil change.

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If You Don't Buy Used Motor Oil, You're Killing Baby Seals

It's time to pull the trigger on re-refined oil.

It goes without saying that changing your oil is the most important aspect of maintaining your vehicle. It's as unavoidable as death or taxes. But have you ever stopped to wonder what happens to your oil after it's removed? Where does it go? Whether you take your vehicle somewhere and shell out the bucks or you opt to do it yourself, proper disposal of the old stuff is extremely important for the environment.

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Wi-Fi Honk and Losing the War Against Distracted Drivers

If Wi-Fi Honk needs to exist, we've done something wrong already.

We all love novel uses of technology, especially when it comes to technology in our cars. We can't get enough of it, whether it's over-the-air stock updates or headlights that swivel with the steering wheel. However, it's getting to a point where new auto technologies are starting to crop up that acknowledge a specific problem but don't do anything to get to the root of the issue. We've got one of those cases right here - Wi-Fi Honk.

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"Radar" Roy Reyer Gives Some Tips on Buying a Radar Detector

Here is some information from an industry expert

The first thing you should know is radar detectors are legal in every state, save Washington D.C. and Virginia. The second thing you should know is that radar detectors work. That's not to say all radar detectors work, but the technology behind them is sound. But be aware, when walking into your local Best Buy, you get what you pay for. In the case of radar detectors, you need to pay more.

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