The Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept is the Future

The next generation of SUVs will make life even easier.

Earlier, we took a look at Land Rover's Transparent Bonnet technology, which utilizes a head-up display (HUD) to show the driver the terrain below the car. This was but one technology incorporated into Land Rover's Discovery Vision Concept, and now that the whole shebang is out in the open, we're left marveling at all this technology that will eventually make its way to a premium SUV near you.

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Could Solar Panel Roads Power Our Country's Electric Grid?

Solar Roadways project: an intelligent, decentralized power grid.

Imagine if our country's 2.6 million miles of paved road were covered with solar panels that could withstand wear from vehicles while simultaneously creating an intelligent highway system that powered our electrical grid. It might sound like a longshot, but it's the futuristic vision of Solar Roadways, an Idaho-based company founded by husband and wife duo Scott and Julie Brusaw, and they recently made a major breakthrough in the development of their project.

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Windows in the Car: Microsoft's Response to CarPlay

Redmond will not leave smartphone integration to Apple and Google.

Not too long ago, Apple unleashed its CarPlay beta on the world. Plug your iPhone into a supported vehicle, and the infotainment screen will shift to a decidedly-Apple interface. It's a move that's supposed to move your smartphone to the in-car screen, not only for increased capability, but also for reduced distraction on the road. Of course, Apple isn't the only mobile platform, and so its competition wants to get in on this game, as well.

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Never Mind LEDs, BMW is Moving to OLEDs

BMW takes an idea from the hippies and goes organic.

BMW has been a leader in vehicle light technology for some time. Their "Angel Eye" design, first seen on the E39-generation 5-Series, sparked such an interest in headlights that other automakers quickly moved to create unique daytime running light (DRL) designs using light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Now, BMW is ready to head into uncharted territory once again.

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Land Rover is Building an Invisible Car ... Sort Of

Now there's an off-road reason to shove cameras into your car.

Land Rover has always been king of off-road vehicles. No other utility-vehicle manufacturer has given its full range of vehicles so much potential in the dirt; hell, even the Beverly-Hills-friendly Range Rover Evoque has decent off-road chops. It would stand to reason that the Tata-owned OEM would continue to push the envelope when it comes to non-tarmac driving. The transparent bonnet is proof that Land Rover is doing exactly that.

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Engine Noise: The EU's Latest Issue with Cars Today

The silent treatment could end up being fatal to disabled pedestrians.

Legislation - like it or not, there's plenty of it, and there's plenty more where that came from. This week, we've got another interesting automotive mandate. This time, though, there's no need for stateside pearl-clutching; thankfully, the latest hand-forcing is taking place in Europe, thanks to the European Union (EU) parliament.

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