World's Largest Battery Electric Vehicle Unveiled

BYD debuts their 60-foot Lancaster eBus in Houston.

The 2014 American Public Transportation Association Expo took place in Houston last week and while that title sounds about as interesting as watching the home shopping network, there were actually some very neat vehicles unveiled, in particular the world's largest battery electric vehicle.

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There's Good Reason Why Tesla's Infotainment Rules ...

... Because it's built just like your favorite device is.

Auto-industry analysis firm IHS Automotive is currently tearing a Tesla Model S apart. Why? Well, for science, duh; Tesla's in a unique position as a small-batch automaker with big technological aspirations, and so IHS is interested in seeing what makes its systems tick. It's interesting to see how one company approaches a problem that all companies face. Most recently, IHS finished its teardown of the two main screen-based systems, the center stack and the instrument cluster..

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7 Features Every Car Must Have

It's time to make these options standard for all cars.

I realized that after driving some of the sweetest rides for a living, my little rental car was sorely lacking in what have become necessities. Maybe I've been spoiled, but you should know my Jeep is 25 years old with none of the features I'm about to list. You can't miss what you don't have, but the converse is also definitely true. Here are seven features every car absolutely needs to have.

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Wicked Tech: Audi RS 7 is World's Sportiest Autonomous Car

The incredible piloted driving car will race a lap on Hockenheimring.

Audi has been developing autonomous driving technology for several years now, and the German automaker continues to outdo itself. They've dubbed their new RS 7 Sportback concept "the sportiest piloted driving car in the world." And, it's surely the fastest with 560 horsepower and a max speed of 189.5 mph. Can you say Vorsprung durch Technik?

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Want to Know the Future of Auto Tech? Ask a Boomer

Connected-car fanatics aren't as young as you might think.

Nielsen isn't a company that exists solely to connect weird boxes to your television set. Nielsen actually deals in all sorts of information and polling, so long as it's connected to the way we live alongside technology. Recently, the company did some polling to figure out what we're doing with the "connected car" - that is to say, a car that's jam-packed with the latest in technology that helps both communication and safety. And the demographics might be a bit surprising.

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Autopilot Is the Closest We've Come to Autonomy Thus Far

Tesla's new piece of tech is actually pretty killer.

We've got a very long way to go before autonomous cars are ready for the spotlight. Between legal hurdles and technological hurdles, it's going to take a whole lot of arguing, bargaining, and moaning before anything becomes set in stone. In the meantime, though, Tesla has announced a bit of technology that it calls Autopilot, and it's the closest we've come thus far to an autonomous car.

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