Google Patents a Connected-Car Video System That Warns Drivers of Road Hazards

Because teamwork keeps you out of the body shop.

Automakers and tech companies file patents all the time; that doesn't mean a particular technology will actually make its way to the market. However, some seem to be more than just pie-in-the-sky ideas that'll never gain traction; take, for instance, Google's latest vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) patent. Using communication and already-existing hardware and software, Google wants to help your car avoid road hazards.

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Mazda Is Still Working on Rotary Engines, Even if There's No Current Use for Them

Don't count an RX-7 successor out just yet, however unlikely it is.

Automakers are always working on behind-the-scenes projects, in the event the market shifts in a certain direction. Some of these projects never even come to the media's attention, but a recent story about Mazda has every enthusiast's ears perking up. Word on the street is that Mazda is developing a new rotary engine that conforms to modern emissions regulations, and even though it may never actually come to market, it's cool enough to warrant talking about.

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Bosch Develops Sensors to Help Drivers Find Parking Spaces Instantaneously

A smart mobility solution to reduce wasted time and gas.

2,549 hours. This is the number of hours the average motorist spends scouring the streets looking for parking spots during their lifetime. That amounts to just over 106 days! Imagine all the Netflix shows you could catch up on in that time? Well, one day we'll be able to squander this extra time however we please once parking becomes a fully-automated task.

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Ford Is Working with the Russians on Satellite Technology

St. Petersburg U. helps with connected-car communications.

The connected cars of the near future won't just talk to each other through their lasers, sonar, and other various built-in-sensors; they'll also talk to each other through satellite signals beamed all the way into space and back again. If the idea of having vehicles that are mere feet from each other communicate through satellites seems ridiculous, consider that most cars already talk to satellites, at least the ones with GPS.

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Taiwanese Thunder Power EV Sedan Takes the Global Stage By Storm

Wicked Tech: New electric vehicle shines bright at Frankfurt.

As the popularity of electric-powered vehicles continues to increase, new companies are emerging from the folds, debuting their own EV models. While they may not have the brand recognition of Nissan or wealth of Tesla, these newcomers are not to be discounted. One such entry to the alternative fuel game is Taiwanese technology company Thunder Power. Their Thunder Power Sedan took the Frankfurt Motor Show by storm, wowing crowds with its electrifying beauty.

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