Ford's New Active Noise Control System Acts Like Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Wicked Tech: The Art of Combating Noise with Noise

Noise-cancelling headphones have been a saving grace for many travelers, commuters, and audiophiles the world over, helping minimize unwanted background noise. Now, Ford is taking that same thinking and applying it to its vehicles, starting with the Mondeo Vignale, a European Ford model.

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Audi's Hybrid Freight Train Is an Environmental Juggernaut

The German automaker gets one step closer to a C02-neutral factory.

The 2016 Audi A3 e-tron will be rolling into showrooms soon, but that's not the only plug-in-hybrid Audi has been touting lately. Unlike its four-wheeled counterparts, the other newly-debuted hybrid runs on rails and cranks out 1,000 horsepower - because it's a locomotive.

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Domino's DXP Is A Pizza-Delivering Juggernaut

Wicked Tech: A vehicle that exists to deliver hot, fresh pizza.

Domino's Pizza is in the business of giving people what they want when it comes to hot, fast pie, and by their estimated delivery number of 400 million pizzas a year, it seems pretty clear that the people are unanimously shouting "pizza! To help aid the process of delivering hot, fresh pizza to hungry doorsteps, Domino's rolled out its latest innovation, the Domino's DXP (Delivery Expert).

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The Future of 3-D Printing in Automotive

How the auto industry is embracing the new technology

way to the automotive sphere. First there was Blaze, the world's first 3-D printed supercar by Divergent Microfactories. Then an engineer named Jim Kor came out with the Urbee 2 3D printed car; and, at the 2014 International Manufacturing Technology Show, Arizona-based Local Motors debuted its 'Strati' Car. All cars weighed half that of traditionally manufactured automobiles with the same structural rigidity.

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Honda's New Clarity Fuel Cell Is More Sedan-Like than Ever

Wicked Tech: The new FCV boasts more of just about everything.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is the hottest new conquest for automakers. Both Toyota and Mercedes-Benz are already selling their fuel cell vehicles (FCV) the Mirai and F-Cell, respectively, at select locations in California. And now Honda's promising lease sales of its all-new Clarity Fuel Cell in Japan beginning March of 2016.

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The Winter of the Electric Car

Electric car owners should beware of the big chill.

Cold temperatures and winter weather have had a vice-grip, more or less, on automotive performance. Nowadays, it is the semi-nascent electric car that is in its first generation of trial and error and electric-car owners who are feeling the effects of extreme weather.

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