Maryland Residents: The Chevrolet Spark EV Is Heading Your Way

The Little Car That Could finally heads to the East.

Since its inception, the all-electric Chevrolet Spark EV has been a West Coast affair, with sales taking place in just California and Oregon. There are many reasons for this, mostly pertaining to zero-emissions regulations and other conditions that make that location favorable for EV sales. Of course, other regions also pine for EVs, and the demand is now high enough to where Chevrolet is taking the Spark EV all the way across the country to Maryland.

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Hydrophobic Metal Is Laser-Cut to Repel Water Like a Trampoline

Wicked Tech: Laser patterns make metal impervious to rust.

This has to be, hands-down, the coolest thing you you'll watch all week. Water droplets are literally bouncing up and down like they're on a trampoline once they hit a hydrophobic metal surface. It's not magic, it's physics. A research team at the University of Rochester led by Professor Chunlei Guo published an article in the Journal of Applied Physics this week outlining their development of a metal surface that acts as an ultra-efficient water repellent.

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Why Walk Indoors When You Can Glide With Honda's UNI-CUB β

Wicked Tech: Personal mobility device for indoor spaces or dancing.

Honda's Fuel Cell Vehicle is garnering the attention of crowds at the Detroit Auto Show this week, but also turning heads - literally - is Honda's personal mobility device, the UNI-CUB β. It's part indoor scooter, sit-down Segway, and self-balancing unicycle all rolled into one.

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Jaguar Land Rover's Bike Sense Should Keep Bikers Safe and Happy

Because nobody deserves to be doored. For the most part.

Chances are, if you live in a big city, you're used to fighting bicyclists and motorcyclists for space on the road. And your two-wheeled compatriots are often tricky to find, hiding out in blind spots and whizzing by you at speed. It creates an environment ripe for trouble. Thankfully, Jaguar Land Rover has developed a system that will hopefully cut down on accidents and increase safety for all parties. It's called Bike Sense, and it shouldn't require a whole bunch of new sensors to implement.

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Verizon Vehicle Is Like OnStar, But for any Make or Model with an OBD II Port

It's a lot cheaper than buying a new car, that's for sure.

Automakers weren't the only ones holding press conferences at the 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. In fact, telecom giant Verizon held a conference of its own, introducing a product that can help owners of older vehicles feel like they're driving something just a bit newer. The product is called Verizon Vehicle, and for the price of a subscription, it's way cheaper than buying a new car outright. Obviously.

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Elon Musk Appears in Detroit to Dish on the Upcoming Model 3

Quite the lofty rhetoric for a car that's several years away.

While electric-car maker Tesla Motors didn't have any new cars to introduce at the 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, CEO Elon Musk still appeared and held a press conference for the media at the Automotive News World Congress. One of the biggest topics during that conference was the Model 3, Tesla's lower-cost EV.

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