Wicked Tech: Protect Your Tires with Bluetooth

Monitor your vehicle's individual tire pressure 24/7.

Before tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) were installed, flat tires or blowouts accounted for 78,392 car crashes annually, according to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA). Cars are now required to have TPMS installed but there are many cars on the road manufactured before this regulation. With FOBO Tire you can monitor each tire's pressure, individually, 24/7.

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Buying a Green Vehicle? You Should Live in California

Hydrogen and EV charging are getting a huge push int the Golden State.

California is rapidly becoming a vast network of electric vehicle charging stations and, soon, hydrogen refilling stations. Automakers have zeroed in on California as a guinea pig and proving ground for alternative fuels. What exactly have automakers done to prepare California for the arrival of new electric vehicles?

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Product Review: Scratch-dini Scratch Remover

A $10 product that promises hundreds in savings.

There's nothing worse than getting burned on a bad product. If you've ever found yourself watching TV while the rest of the world slept, you've seen the onslaught of infomercials offering everything from garden hoses to burger stuffers. Or maybe you've been standing in line at your local auto parts store and noticed a stack of products claiming some enormous feat of automotive ingenuity.

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Early Buyers Beware: Network Effects May Kill Hydrogen Cars

California may not be enough to jump-start a hydrogen revolution.

Anyone who ever took an economics class will probably remember the term "network externality", also referred to as a "network effect". The concept is simple: a network effect is present whenever the value of a product is directly dependent upon the people using it.

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Wicked Tech: Coffee Can Fuel Both You and Your Car

You're morning brew can jumpstart your morning - and your ride.

For many of us, coffee is the reason we're able to get out of bed in the morning. But it turns out our morning fix is capable of not just fueling us, but also our cars. London-based green energy company Bio-Bean is turning leftover coffee grounds into biofuel capable of powering electricity in buildings and fuel for buses.

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Wicked Tech: iPhone Can Start Tesla Model S

Remote start your car - and drive it - with your phone.

The Tesla Model S has proven to be a popular car among EV enthusiasts and celebrities alike, with A-listers Don Cheadle, Cameron Diaz, and Ben Affleck procuring one. And with the new Model S coming out, owners will have another reason to love their Tesla - remote start with their iPhone.

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