Chicago: Buy a 2015 Nissan Leaf, Get Free Charging

Nissan's free-juice program expands to a new location.

As we slowly slog toward the depths of winter, some people are gearing up to buy a car. While it might seem counterproductive to purchase a car that will immediately sully itself with salt no fewer than ten feet off the showroom floor, there are many good incentives to take advantage of when the weather gets chilly. For Chicagoans, Nissan has a new program that might get you running to don your parka, especially if you're already in the market for an electric car.

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Range Rover Has a Cruise Control for Off-Roading

Skill? Pff. Here's a button to press, instead.

From the company that brought you an invisible hood, you can now take your Land Rover off-road without ever having to, you know, drive the darn thing. If you happen to lack any sort of off-road experience, but you find yourself in the middle of the forest with no paved roads, this system could save you a whole host of time and effort. It's called All-Terrain Progress Control.

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Light and Charge: BMW's Brilliant Way to Charge Your EV

Hidden electric-car chargers might be the best bet.

When it comes to building out our electric-car infrastructure, we have yet to find a clever way to implement all this new technology alongside already existing structures. The best we've been able to do thus far is pack the chargers up in an attractive package (like Tesla's Supercharger); otherwise, most chargers just stand around by themselves, loitering in Walgreen's parking lots. Thankfully, BMW realized that this isn't the best way to approach the matter.

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Volvo Uses Google Cardboard for VR Test Drives of the XC90

Wicked Tech: Experience the new luxury SUV before it hits the U.S.

Volvo's all-new 2016 XC90 SUV has been garnering abundant media attention as of late, and rightfully so. Aside from being a jaw-dropping, seven-passenger vehicle meant to revive the Swedish brand, the XC90 is also paving the way for new tech. The vehicle itself comes equipped with a new 9-inch touchscreen center dash, with a number of engine options, including the T8 plug-in hybrid gasoline-electric drivetrain.

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Volkswagen's 2014 Innovation Workshop Ramps up Efficiency

A slew of next-gen technology rises to the surface in Germany.

Breaking new ground in automotive technology doesn't come without a good deal of behind-the-scenes research and development. At Volkswagen's 2014 Innovation Workshop, the automaker discussed a variety of next-gen technologies that it plans to implement in the coming years. Some are more interesting than others (announcing the implementation of both CarPlay and Android Auto isn't exactly earth-shattering), but they're all important in one way or another.

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New Car Tech: The Useful and the Useless

Which features in connected cars are actually worth it?

With momentum for connected cars building, automakers - and third-parties - are hot to trot out the latest new technology for vehicles. Apple recently included NFC technology in its latest iPhone, meaning soon we'll be able to operate our vehicles with our phones. But in this gadget race, not all features are worth springing for.

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