Know Your Units: There is a Difference Between Foot-Pounds and Pound-Feet

You thought they were interchangeable? Think again.

If you find yourself in a conversation involving the technical aspect of cars, there are bound to be a large number of units of measurement being thrown around - tire width in millimeters, engine output in horsepower ... talking car gear can occasionally turn into a numbers game. When talking about torque, most people tend to swap the order of the units, calling it both pound-feet and foot-pounds, maybe even in the same breath. Most people think that this is totally fine. Guess what? It's not.

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Volkswagen's Golf GTE Sport Concept is Visionary Hybrid

Wicked Tech: Looks like VW is turning its GT brand electric.

What does the future of Volkswagen's GT performance brand look like? After the German automaker unveiled their latest concept car- the Golf GTE Sport - it looks like a hybrid future lies ahead. VW debuted the GTE Sport to the world at the 34th GTI Meet at Lake Worthersee in Austria - an annual gathering of GTI fanatics that draws upwards of 200,000 visitors.

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Minor Speed Bump: Google's Self-Driving Vehicles Were Involved in 11 Accidents

Google states self-driving cars were never the cause of the accident.

Equipped with cameras, radar, and copious amounts of sensors, self-driving cars are better drivers than the humans operating them. Driver error causes 94 percent of crashes, so, in a self-driving car, the margin of error is greatly reduced using state-of-the-art modern technology. However, though self-driving cars have the potential to be more competent drivers than we are, they're not immune to the realities of human error.

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Can't Back up Your 2016 Ford F-150's Trailer? Pro Trailer Backup Assist Has You Covered

Not only does it save time, it might just save the day, as well.

Steering a trailer while backing up is an art, an exercise in patience and throwing away everything you know about reversing. If you want the trailer to go left, you have to turn the wheel right-but not too far to the right. For newbies and regulars alike, the experience can get a bit hairy, especially without a spotter handy. Thankfully, Ford's built itself a system that will take all that crap and make it the machine's problem.

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Cranking Tunes with the Top Down? The 2016 Mazda MX-5 Has a System Built Just for That

And you don't need to sell a child to afford it!

Have you ever driven a convertible with the top down? (If you haven't, stop what you're doing right now and go do that. We'll wait here.) Have you tried to play music with that top down? More often than not, you're spinning the volume knob fruitlessly to the right, doing battle against cacophonous wind noise. At that point, you're missing out on any sort of sonic nuance. Some very expensive roadsters have solved this issue, but what of cars for the common man?

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0 to 60 in Under Two Seconds - That's Peugeot's Vision Gran Turismo

Wicked Tech: Concept car takes driving to new level in PlayStation 3.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the critically acclaimed racing video game series Gran Turismo, its mastermind Kazunori Yamauchi asked automakers to design a car specifically for this commemoration. Yamauchi's call to automakers for the Vision Gran Turismo project was met with great enthusiasm, with some truly incredible designs coming forth.

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