Where Those Big Car Bows Are Born

Homegrown Giant Bow Manufacturer Supplies Nation's Showrooms

Suddenly it's Christmas, folks, several weeks before the day and car dealerships, near and far, are festooned with mistletoe, trees, and fake snow, and they're bustling with charming sales folk. Bright shiny new model SUVs, luxury sedans, and compacts are topped with massive bows just waiting to be driven off the lot. But never mind those cars; we all know their Korean, Japanese, or Wayne County origins, let's talk about those mysterious, giant bows.

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A Six-wheeled Toyota Hilux Beast is Born

This truck has more than just two extra wheels

Six wheeled off-road behemoths have become a bit of a trend in recent years. Mercedes-Benz created the six-wheeled G63 AMG in 2013, and Kahn Design, a British company, built a six-wheeled Defender it named Flying Huntsman earlier this year. Now, the Bulgarian tuning firm Vromos has done it again, building a six-wheeled Toyota Hilux.

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Ford's Drugged Driving Suit Simulates the Effects of Cocaine and Ecstasy

Wicked Tech: New suit highlights the dangers of impaired driving

Close to 10 million people age 12 and older have confessed to driving under the influence of illegal drugs at one point, according to the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. To educate youth on the dangers of impaired driving, Ford created a suit that simulates the effects drugs can have on one's reaction times.

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Wunderlich Builds a Two-Wheel Drive Hybrid Motorcycle, the BMW R1200GS LC

Now, this is a hybrid motorcycle we can get behind

Wunderlich, an aftermarket BMW parts company, is known for its wonderful motorcycle creations. Whether it's parts, accessories or concept bikes, the enterprise has a worldwide reputation for exceptional ideas and products. Recently, Wunderlich created something that caught our eye - a two-wheel drive hybrid motorcycle.

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GEAR UP!: The AutoSock Is Winter's Friendly Alternative to Tire Chains

Almost easier to put on than your own winter socks

Tire chains aren't exactly convenient, nor are they legal in all 50 states for obvious reasons. They chew up roads and increase noise levels while driving. Plus, they're just a pain to install. Well, times have changed, and there are a host of options out there including synthetic chains. But the AutoSock might just be the smartest and easiest choice available, and they're made for everything from small passenger cars to SUVs and even 18-wheelers.

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Jeff Gordon Parks Car For Last Time, 101-Year Old Woman Jumps Out of a Car, and Taking Driving Test In a Porsche

Our selection of the best car-related videos for November 27th

We get it. It's Friday, you're tired after slogging through another brutal work week. As the week winds down, grab yourself a smooth cup of joe, kick up the legs (not too high, now), and enjoy Web2Carz ' selection of top choice automotive-related clips to bring a smile to your tired face. So, without further ado, check out our illustrious selections.

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