11 Hot Grills on Cool Cars

These mean machines are burning rubber and meat.

Labor Day usually means three things to people: no work, lots of sales, and backyard BBQs. What better way to enjoy your burger than with the satisfaction of knowing it was cooked off a Porsche 914? From food trucks to car-b-ques some people have gotten very creative, taking the meaning of a car grill to a whole new level. Here are 11 of our favorites.

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Weekly Car Porn: Futuristic Rides

In 10 years we will all be driving spaceships!

For those of you who like to drool over ridiculously good-looking cars, you are not alone. Car Porn is Web2Carz.com's weekly series where we bring you 10 swoon-worthy automobiles every Wednesday that will always be easy on the eyes and get you through the rest of the week! It looks like in year 2025 we'll all be driving cars that look like spaceships! Here are 10 crazy futuristic concepts we hope to see in production some day.

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Catalytic Converter Theft: Why it Happens & What You Can Do

Thieves sure do love easy money. Here's how to thwart them.

You won't see it coming, but once it's done, you'll certainly hear it. If you start your car one morning and you're assaulted with a loud, raspy exhaust note that wasn't there the evening prior, congratulations - you're the latest victim of catalytic converter theft. Your greatest protection against terrible exhaust particulate is also a thief's best friend. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent against this, but no method is completely foolproof.

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OEMs and High Fashion: The Weirdest Collaborations

As if luxury products weren't strange enough on their own.

There are no stranger bedfellows than high fashion and automakers. Granted, both industries are always looking forward to try and out-innovate the competition, but that's about where the comparisons end. More often than not, vehicles are purchased to suit a need, whereas high fashion is purchased to fulfill a want. That's not stopping automakers from getting into some very weird collaborations.

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Beyond Cars: 5 Recalls That May Have Prevented Disaster

Semis, motorcycles, and trailers have their share of problems, too.

The database of recalls maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) covers all vehicles that travel on our nation's highways. It's a list which, as anyone who's ever looked out a car window would assume, includes many types of vehicles that aren't cars.

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The Coolest Details of the Jaguar F-Type V-8 S Convertible

It's not just attractive when viewed from several feet away.

The 2014 Jaguar F-Type is one seriously attractive car. It's meant to be the spiritual successor to the old-school-cool E-Type, a car that most teenagers would likely recognize from a Mad Men plot line. It's aggressive, but it's not so sharply angled that it looks like a Transformer gone mad. The F-Type really rides that line between sport and class, a point that becomes more evident the closer you look.

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