Ben Affleck, Miley and Imogen, Jay Leno, Dangerous Russians

Web2Carz' presents this week's top 5 kick-ass car videos.

Jay Leno's Garage began as an web series then years ago and will now find a home on television. The Tonight Show host must have pull with NBC because it is set to premiere this fall on that network. Australian model Imogen Anthony bust a move around her car while blasting our favorite twerk-maiden Miley Cyrus' "What Makes You Think I'll Stick Around."

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Autospeak Explained: AWD

Simplifying car jargon and techspeak for ordinary people.

You may have heard of four wheel drive, 4x4, and all-wheel drive and thought to yourself, "How can all-wheel drive be any different from four-wheel drive? Isn't four all the wheels a car has?" Well, yes, smartass, four is all the wheel a car has, but that doesn't mean four-wheel drive is the same as all-wheel drive.

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The Corvette Stingray Becomes an Art Car

Sure, Chevy stole BMW's idea, but it was for charity, so it's cool.

There's a good chance you've have heard of BMW's Art Car project, where seriously famous artists (think Calder, Warhol, Stella, Lichtenstein) use a BMW car as a blank canvas, trying to bring a bit of culture to the otherwise soulless automotive world. But did you know that Corvette made an Art Car of its own?

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Chevy's Not Done Announcing its SEMA Lineup Just Yet

Five more models poke their heads out before the big event.

Thus far, Chevrolet has announced three different vehicles that will be heading to the SEMA aftermarket convention in Las Vegas. However, that was just the first salvo in an all-out assault on the Las Vegas Convention Center. Just this week, the automaker has announced that five more vehicles will be joining the already-announced SEMA lineup, all of which are "performance-oriented" to some degree.

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Mopar Heads to SEMA with a Handful of Crazy Concepts

An old name brings new life to FCA's latest releases.

If there's one convention you associate with the automotive aftermarket, it's SEMA. And if there's one brand you associate with the automotive aftermarket, it's Mopar. The Mopar name has been associated with Chrysler's vehicles for over half a century, and in true aftermarket-part fashion, Mopar plans on rolling out several gussied-up Chrysler-family rides at the SEMA show in November.

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Pumpkin Carving? No, Pumpkin CARving

Even Halloween can be made to suit an enthusiast lifestyle.

Are you one of those folks who dress up for Halloween in a Stirling Moss outfit? Perhaps you bought a piece of team clothing from the Ferrari store so you can go to a party dressed as Fernando Alonso. No matter your costume choice, more often than not, car enthusiasts will have their main hobby bleed over into other facets of life. If cars control all you do, then boy, we've got the only pumpkin stencils you'll ever need.

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