Porsche's New Car, Tesla's New Car, Hyundai's New Award

Your auto news roundup for the week of 07/18 - 07/25.

Was the 2014 Porsche Cayenne just not enough for you? Well, get excited for the 2015 version, then. Porsche's big crossover receives a slightly upgraded exterior, but most of the fun is taking place under the hood. There will be four variants of 2015 Cayenne to start with: The Diesel occupies the cheapest slot, followed by the V-6-powered Cayenne S, followed by the all-new Cayenne S E-Hybrid PHEV, finishing with the turbocharged V-8-packing Cayenne Turbo.

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Is the Cadillac ELR a Failure? Or Simply Overpriced?

Poor pricing may be killing one of Cadillac's products.

Google "Cadillac ELR sales" and just about every link from the past six months is from one auto-journo outlet or another, reporting on just how slowly the ELR is selling. We can't say we're surprised, because the ELR seemed flawed from the start. The ELR is essentially a Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric with two fewer doors.

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Hyundai's Lawsuit, NHTSA's Query, Subaru's Good News

Your auto news roundup for the week of 07/04 - 07/11.

1,500 Hyundai Santa Fe owners have banded together to bring a lawsuit against Hyundai on its South Korean home turf. This lawsuit is a direct result of a government decree that stated Hyundai and one other automaker overstated the fuel mileage estimates for its crossovers. The owners want about $1,500 each, which is a little more than the plaintiffs might make, were this lawsuit underway in the American court system.

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Tesla's New Car, Mazda's New Car, Hellcat's New-Car Pricing

Your auto news roundup for the week of 07/11 - 07/18.

What happens when Ford poo-poos all over Tesla's decision to call its next car - the so-called "affordable" EV - the Model E? If you're Tesla, you throw shade in Dearborn's direction and flip the letter backwards. So now, after the Model X SUV is released, we'll have the Model III. According to Tesla, it should have a range above 200 miles, and at the ideal price point of about $35,000, it should make a formidable competitor to BMW's ubiquitous 3-Series.

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Volkswagen Confirms Mid-Size SUV

Chattanooga-built trucklet will give VW a presence in segment.

Up until now, if you wanted an SUV with seven seats and a Volkswagen badge, you were out of luck - both of the brand's SUVs, the Touareg and the Tiguan, only seat five. Now, though, VW has finally officially confirmed what it's teased for months - the addition of a mid-size, seven-seat crossover based on the CrossBlue Concept.

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Nissan's Battery, Porsche's Loaners, America's Traffic

Your auto news roundup for the week of 06/27 - 07/04.

Electric vehicles haven't been around very long, so we're still stuck wondering many things. Like, for example, the true cost of a replacement battery. Well, if you own a Nissan Leaf, wonder no more, as the automaker has just released info on replacing the battery in its electric car. If you need a full-on replacement of the whole battery pack, you'll pay $5,500, which doesn't include tax or installation costs.

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