Two More Caterhams, One More Hellcat, One Less Hyundai

Your auto news roundup for the week of 08/08 - 08/15.

If you haven't seen a Caterham on the road, we don't blame you. These lightweight, assemble-it-in-your-garage roadster isn't terribly popular, considering it's really only useful on sunny days with bone-dry roads. That's not stopping Caterham from releasing two new models in the U.S., though. The Seven 360 and the Seven 480 are the two new models, meant to sit in-between the current two offerings.

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6 Pickups that Offer Plenty of Pickup

Trucks can be plenty fast, too. Here's some of the quickest.

Rumors are circulating that Chevrolet might be building a hi-powered truck based on its upcoming Colorado, which the brand could use as lighter version of Ford's bat-spit crazy Raptor performance pickup. With that in mind, we did some thinking about other hot-rod trucks, past and present. The list is relatively short, but it's a doozy.

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Feds Want Faster Recalls

A quicker pace for recalls may not be practical.

Given how many recalls have taken place in the auto industry this year, it's no surprise that the federal government wants automakers to speed up the recall process. However, that might not be possible for practical reasons, as General Motors shows with the case of the not-yet-fixable Cadillacs.

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New Trucks, Armored Cars, and Driving High

Your auto news roundup for the week of 08/01 - 08/08.

If you assumed that legal weed in Colorado would leave people too stoned to leave their couch, thereby helping drop traffic-accident rates, it looks like you assumed correctly. According to the Washington Post, since legalizing marijuana for recreational use, Colorado's traffic fatalities have dropped to nearly record lows. It seems that all the fear mongering about a state filled with high drivers turned out to be little more than a pipe dream.

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Tesla's New Partner, Range Rover's Record, Kia's New SUV

Your auto news roundup for the week of 07/25 - 08/01.

You didn't think that Tesla would be building all those batteries at its upcoming Gigafactory by itself, did you? Well, now you have proof that this isn't the case, because Panasonic finally announced its partnership with Tesla. Both companies will work together (as they have in the past), but this time, it's all about battery production - something we need to improve vastly if we want everybody to own an electric car.

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Porsche's New Car, Tesla's New Car, Hyundai's New Award

Your auto news roundup for the week of 07/18 - 07/25.

Was the 2014 Porsche Cayenne just not enough for you? Well, get excited for the 2015 version, then. Porsche's big crossover receives a slightly upgraded exterior, but most of the fun is taking place under the hood. There will be four variants of 2015 Cayenne to start with: The Diesel occupies the cheapest slot, followed by the V-6-powered Cayenne S, followed by the all-new Cayenne S E-Hybrid PHEV, finishing with the turbocharged V-8-packing Cayenne Turbo.

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