This 1957 Ferrari 335S Sold For a Whopping $34.9 Million

It didn't beat the 250 GTO, but you still can't afford it

Run-of-the-mill, brand new production Ferraris will cost you a pretty penny -- the cheapest one, the California T, is a hair under $200K. But that's nothing compared to what a collectible, coveted Ferrari 335S will run you. This 1957 beauty just sold for $34.9 million when the gavel dropped in Paris.

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Toyota Is Officially Killing the Scion Brand

The iA, iM, FR-S, and upcoming C-HR will all be rebadged as Toyotas

It's official - Toyota is closing the doors on its offshoot division Scion. The youth-oriented brand centered around quirkiness is getting the ax - or in the kinder words of the press release the company issued today, "transitioning back to the Toyota brand."

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Renault Sport Turns its RS 01 into a Cop Supercar with a GT-R Heart

Unruly speeders are no match for the powerful RS 01

Renault Sport launched its RS 01 concept back in 2014 to replace the Megane Trophy in the World Series by Renault. Outside of its racing life, the RS 01 was never put into series production. But, the French did decide to go ahead and turn it into a cop car. While Bugatti Veyrons and Lamborghini Huracans aren't necessarily commonplace on French roads, except maybe in Monte Carlo, the RS 01 Interceptor could give the police at least a fighting chance in nailing some of them.

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Honda Is Selling Hybrid Odyssey Minivans in Japan

The automaker's premium seven-seater goes green

Despite the slump in oil prices, most automakers have continued to invest in hybrid and EV technology, developing cleaner, more efficient vehicles. However, Honda's hybrids have taken a backseat for 2016, at least in the U.S. But, the sophisticated hybrid powertrain of the Accord just found a new home - in Honda's Odyssey minivan.

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Cadillac Ends Production of Niche ELR Plug-In Hybrid

We're actually sorry to see the hybrid Caddy go

Despite all of the hybrids popping up in automakers' lineups across the automotive industry, Cadillac has chosen to discontinue its ELR hybrid. The Chevy Volt-based Cadillac carried Caddy's signature styling to luxury hybrid car buyers (a tough niche to work in), but unfortunately, shoppers didn't respond to the car's high price tag.

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These Four Cars Will No Longer Roll Off Assembly Lines

Both Fiat Chrysler and Hyundai make room for CUVs

Both Hyundai and Fiat Chrysler are cancelling production of poor selling cars so they can focus on other vehicle segments, namely crossovers. The demise of the Dodge Dart, Chrysler 200 and Hyundai Azera don't bother us too much, but we really hate to see the Dodge Viper go. Still, we can't argue with the logic behind these moves.

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