Reese Witherspoon to Launch Lifestyle Site

Joins Gwyneth Paltrow in the mission to sell us stuff we don't need.

As if Gwyneth Paltrow hasn't GOOPed all over us enough, Reese Witherspoon is joining in on the trend of celebrities running "lifestyle" web sites. Celebrities such as Paltrow and Jessica Alba already have such sites, but now it's time for the Legally Blonde star to join in on the fun.

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2014 Oscar Trivia

Things you didn't know about the 9 Best Picture nominees.

The 86th Academy Awards are coming up this Sunday, March 2nd, and they're shaping up to be one of the most entertaining Oscar evenings yet. Glamorous gowns, beautiful people, Ellen DeGeneres hosting, and, some of the toughest competition in recent memory vying for these prestigious awards. Here are some interesting tidbits about the 9 films nominated for Best Picture.

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Cool Frozen Things

A picture guide to the polar vortex and the stuff it froze.

Earlier this week most of the county was under snow and ice as sub-zero temperatures set in, bringing record lows. It was colder in Georgia than it was in Alaska, with Atlanta reaching a record low at 6F, and Anchorage up at 27F. Even Pensacola, Florida, better known as a vacation destination with beaches and sunshine, was deserted reaching a low of 19F.

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Is America Ready for Slow TV?

The Norwegian reality TV trend that is literally about nothing.

The classic 90s sitcom Seinfeld famously became known as a show "about nothing," but of course that was just a clever bit of misdirection. Seinfeld was a comedy of manners, and as such took on the whole spectrum of human and societal behavior. The latest trend in reality TV in Norway, however -- called "slow TV" - really is about nothing. And we do mean nothing - watching-paint-dry nothing.

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We Want Our Goat Simulator!

The best video game you can't play (yet) is all about goats.

There's no way that anyone who has any affinity whatsoever for video games would fail to be excited by a game that has been described as a cross between a petting zoo and Grand Theft Auto. And indeed, the gaming world is abuzz over the little game that isn't (yet): Goat Simulator.

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5 Terrible Reality Shows Debuting in 2014

They're shaping up to be more obnoxious than the Kardashians.

Canadian 24-year-old actress Erin Wotherspoon prides herself on dining and dashing on dates she deems less than desirable. Then, she goes and writes about the poor schmucks, broadcasting the whole affair on the internet in her blog" A Penniless Girl, Bad Dates & Plenty of Oysters." Five new reality shows debuting in 2014 that are sure to be terrible.

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