Would You Eat a Pizzaburger?

A culinary breakthrough from Japan: burgers that look like pizza

Pizza is good. That we can all agree on. Burgers are also good (even if you don't eat meat, you can still enjoy a veggie burger). These things we know. What we didn't know, until Japanese fast-food chain Freshness Burger introduced its latest creation: the American Style Pizza-Burger, is what the two taste like when combined into a single meal.

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The Future of Food

What our diets will look like ten years from now.

Just last week two very different food unveilings took place. The first was the unveiling of the world's first burrito vending machine in Los Angeles. And the second was intricate, sugary delights made from two food-creating 3D printers. These recent developments may have many questioning where the future of our food is leading to.

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No, Chocolate Is Not Good For You

Despite what "studies show," it will only make you fat.

When reading about scientific studies in newspapers or online, it's important to remember one basic fact: the media almost always gets science stories wrong. This is especially true of stories relating to health. A perfect example of this is the recent report making the rounds that says that, according to a study, higher consumption of chocolate results in less weight gain.

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Would You Eat a Celebrity-Meat Sausage?

BiteLabs offers lab-grown meat made from celeb stem cells. Or do they?

How'd you like to eat Kanye West's sausage? No, that's not what we meant, you disgusting pervert. Get your mind out of the gutter. Obviously we're referring to eating a sausage made out of meat that was lab-grown using myoblast stem cells from the famous rapper. Duh. Or didn't you know about celebrity meat?

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Enjoy the Holidays with "Home & Family" Co-Host Mark Steines

Staying fit, eating right, and capturing the moments.

Hallmark's "Home & Family" show returned to the airwaves late September for its second season, hosted by Emmy-winning journalist Mark Steines and former fashion model and actress Cristina Ferrare. We talk with Steines about his involvement with the show, how to stay on-track with your eating during the holidays, and his passion for photography.

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Bottled Water is Evil

It's wasteful and not as healthy as tap water.

You may have heard one of your hippie friends say something about how bottle water is bad, but you probably just assumed that they just meant they'd rather drink kombucha or guava nectar, but no, they mean it's bad, as in evil. And they're right. But what's so bad about bottled water, you ask?

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