The Both, Nas, Ben Watt, Check E. Weiss

New music releases for the week of 04/15 - 04/21

The Both is an unlikely-seeming collaboration, only because the backgrounds of the two artists' are so different. Aimee Mann rose to fame as the singer for 'Til Tuesdsay, possibly one of the worst bands ever to emerge from the 1980s "new wave" scene (although she came up in Boston's punk rock scene). Ted Leo did time in numerous latter-day punk bands before making a name for himself with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

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Avicii, EMA, Wilko Johnson, Off!, Patton Oswalt

New releases for the week of 03/25 – 03/31

To those who don't listen to electronic music (which, in general terms, refers only to anyone over the age of 25), the common, quite incorrect, criticism is "it all sounds the same." Of course it doesn't, any more than rock 'n' roll did in the 1950s and 1960s when older people made the exact same off-hand dismissal.

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Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Liars, Mount Carmel

New music releases for the week of 03/25- 03/31

No, this is not yet another collection of castoffs from Cash's American Records period, but rather a curio from one of the low point in the country star's long, legendary career. The tapes were discovered among the late singer's possessions only last year.

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Dexter Romweber Rolls On

Ex-Flat Duo Jet on his rocking collaboration with sister Sara

You're not going to find anyone nearly as fascinating as Dexter Romweber in music today - if ever. After all, he's the only rock 'n' roller to freely drop Baudelaire and Bo Diddley's names in the same conversation and have it make sense. The former Flat Duo Jets front-man and punk-abilly journeyman has again joined forces with sister, Sara Romweber (Mitch Easter, Lets Active, Snatches of Pink) on drums and delivered the stunning Images 13 (Bloodshot)

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Kurt Cobain: It Was 20 Years Ago

Former manager Danny Goldberg remembers grunge's fallen idol.

No one knows why, on April 5th, 1994, Kurt Cobain put the barrel of a 20-gauge shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Various rumors and conspiracy theories have attempted to make sense of the fact that someone who so many felt they knew and understood could be both the victim and the perpetrator of such a perplexing act of violence.

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Miley Cyrus Records Beatles Cover with Flaming Lips

Will hipsterdom survive the latest pop idol invasion?

If you follow Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne on Instagram, you're used to seeing strange things from time to time: lots of psychedelic artwork, a picture of two eggs frying in a pan, arranged to look like a skull ... that kind of thing. One picture that you might have been surprised to see, however, was a picture of Miley Cyrus rolling a joint (using official Bangerz Tour rolling papers) in the Flaming Lips' studio.

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