History, Food, and Warmth All Await in Charleston

We take a tour of Chucktown in a Toyota Highlander.

History buffs, foodies, and warm-weather lovers, listen up: We've found a new place for you to visit, and if you're an American, you won't even need a passport. Charleston, South Carolina, seems to fly under the radar as American destination city, at least for those of who don't live near the Southeast Atlantic coast.

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10 Glove Box Essentials

Your survival kit in case you get stranded this winter.

From black ice that makes roads slicker than a soapy slip n' slide to neck-high snow drifts that barricade us in our homes, every winter season brings with it a slew of hazardous driving conditions. Without fail, the first heavy snow fall of the season is accompanied by nonstop news coverage of car pileups on the interstates.

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Gone Glamping: or How to Travel Like a Twit

Glamorous camping is how the wealthy view the world.

Everybody hates nature, right? Let's be honest - pretty much all of what we call "progress" has been a rather unsubtle attempt to banish nature, or at least to convince ourselves that it exists to serve our needs. Nature gets especially icky when you get too close - insects invade your personal space (along with countless gritty, slimy, and/or pointy things),

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Gallery: Getting Lost in Iceland

Europe's most sparsely populated country holds a few surprises.

"Iceland is green and Greenland is ice," is how the saying goes. Well, it didn't apply to myself and a ragtag band of auto journalists on an early November day in Iceland. As we dug out of yet another Icelandic snowdrift, all we saw around us was snow and black volcanic rock. No green, but at least some ice.

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Fly in Style for the Right Price

Airlines offering luxury upgrades if you'll shell out the dough.

From less leg-room and narrower seats to lower-quality meals and increased baggage fees, it seems airlines these days are cutting just about every corner in order to save money, even if it means sacrificing customer comfort. However, some airlines are trying to cater to those who want to travel in luxury, and are willing to pay a pretty price for it.

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The Great American Hajj

Southern California may just be Baseball's Mecca.

If there is an American equivalent of the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca that all Muslims are required to make at least once in their lifetime, it is the journey that my son, George, and I are currently on. It began when he was about 8 years old with a trip to my boyhood baseball mecca, Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

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