5 Most Scandalous Popes of All Time

Mistresses, malfeasance, and murder - the Vatican or a reality show?

Lent has kicked off and in the spirit of giving things up we thought we'd take a look at one of the hardest things to give up: sex. In the Roman Catholic Church priests, nuns, bishops, cardinals and, of course, Popes take a vow of celibacy. Now, "celibacy" is not actually synonymous with sexual abstinence. To be celibate means to never marry. However, in the Catholic Church, celibacy demands abstinence because sex is not allowed outside of marriage.

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Cool F!@#$ing Cars: Sam Mack

Bicycle store owner chats about his other ride, a 1928 Model A.

Cool f!@#$ing cars are the reason you're on this site right now. This is Web2carz ongoing series in which we seek out individuals who own and collect some sweet rides and talk to them about their passion for autos and why they love them. Today we're profiling 25-year-old Sam Mack, who co-owns Green Bay Cycles on the North Shore of Chicago.

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Moe Armstrong: One Vet at a Time

Life of veteran, mental health advocate, and Vet to Vet founder.

It's always Veterans' Day in Moe Armstrong's world. For one thing, he is a full-time staff member of VA Connecticut Healthcare System's Errera Community Care Center in West Haven. He's a decorated combat veteran of the 3rd Marine Recon Battalion in Vietnam. And, like untold numbers of American ex-servicemen, he daily navigates the dark corridors of his own post-war issues, which include schizophrenia and clinical depression.

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Lee Marvin At 90

Marvin biographer Dwayne Epstein on late actor's titanic legacy.

Alaptop in the hands of the right cinephile can yield something important - something to be enjoyed by film scholars and fans, something for the ages. Of course, the computer laptop wasn't what it is today in 1994 when Hollywood journalist Dwayne Epstein enlisted himself as biographer to the late Lee Marvin,

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Cool F!@#$ing Cars: Ken Weger

We chat with Ken Weger about his museum of micro cars.

Cool f!@#$ing cars are the reason you're on this site right now. This is the second in an ongoing series of articles here at Web2Carz in which we seek out people who own and collect some of those sweet rides and talk to them about their awesome autos and why they love them.

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Rich Cohen's Favorite Monsters and Bears

Author waxes nostalgic on childhood idols, the 1985 Chicago Bears

Author Rich Cohen doesn't just stumble on a book idea. Whether he's chronicling Jewish moxie throughout the ages: of partisans battling Nazis in the forests of Vilna (The Avengers), pre-war Brooklyn gangsters (Tough Jews: Fathers, Sons, and Gangster Dreams), entertainment industry machers (The Record Men: The Chess Brothers and the Birth of Rock & Roll), or laying bare his own family's history (Sweet and Low: A Family Story) Cohen's subjects are his life-blood.

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