Fred Stoller Gets Serious and Returns to Stand-Up Comedy

Ex-Seinfeld writer opens up about Hollywood and being back on stage

Fred Stoller is one funny guy. He wrote the book on character acting (literally - it's called Maybe We'll Have You Back: The Life of a Perennial TV Guest Star), and now he's returning to his roots as a stand-up comic, with shtick familiar to anyone who's caught his appearances on Seinfeld, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, or Murphy Brown - in a word, everybody.

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Jimbo Mathus Bares his Dark Night of the Soul

Ex-Squirrel Nut Zipper waxes Southern heritage, making rock 'n' roll.

Jimbo Mathus' sense for all things Southern, good and bad, is as far reaching as the roots that bind him to him to his beloved Mississippi. That goes the same for his grasp on that region's deep musical heritage, which made it the world's richest exporter of blue notes and cotton alike.

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Author Laurence Gonzales on Survival and His Upcoming Book

Everyone faces adversity, what's crucial is how we respond.

Laurence Gonzales is a distinguished writer and author and former aerobatic pilot. Since the 70s his writings have appeared in numerous publications from Harper's to Rolling Stone to Men's Journal to Chicago Magazine, among others. He's also published a dozen books including bestseller Deep Survival about how individuals get in and out of trouble. Gonzales' study of survival gives a fascinating glimpse into the human psyche.

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Cabaret Queen Joan Ryan Teams Up with Actor Eric McCormack

Saved By the Bell Actress and renowned vocalist brings solo act to LA.

The multi-talented Joan Ryan has been dazzling audiences for decades with her powerful musical performances in Ruthless!, Little Shop Of Horrors, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Footloose, Les Miserables, and countless others. She's appeared in multiple commercials and shows including The Young and the Restless, but it's clear she's in her true element when she's on-stage.

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Head Writer Dayna Lynne North of VH1's Single Ladies

The return of the groundbreaking flagship drama series.

Scandal, drama, sex, intrigue, and dynamic, fierce women. This is roughly the essence that makes up VH1's flagship scripted drama series Single Ladies, produced by Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit Entertainment. We chatted with head writer Dayna Lynne North about the new season.

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Orange is the New Golden

The unyielding career of Rock and Broadway chanteuse Annie Golden.

Netflix's prison dramady Orange is the New Black is no guiltier (sorry, couldn't resist) than other shows for saving the jaw-dropping surprises for its season finale. But the biggest bombshell, capping off 13 episodes of lockdowns, drug smuggling, betrayals, suicide, and unlikely romances, occurs at a Christmas pageant of all places.

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