Wicked Tech: Skylys Flying Car Could Arrive in Four Years

Mix Aerospace aims to lead the way in flying car technology.

For decades flying cars have always been thought of as fodder for science fiction tales and in some ways they're still regarded as a dream. Silicon Valley tech company Mix Aerospace believes they are poised to bring this dream to a reality with their Skylys project. Their goal is create an urban dual-mode, flight and drive, vehicle powered with an electric motor.

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What Is Dogecoin and Should You Care?

The latest hype over an online currency is upon us.

Remember when everyone was freaking out about Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the digital currency that's been seen as both the bane of mankind (thanks to the untraceable underground money transfers it enables) and the future of money (thanks to its virtual nature, it can be used internationally)

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5 Ways Robots Are Revolutionizing Car Manufacturing

For the first time they're working side by side with humans.

For the first time, robots are working side by side with humans without guards or safety barriers between them. This step is revolutionizing the role of robots in car manufacturing, which were once thought too dangerous to be alongside humans in the assembly line.

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Wicked Tech: A Robotic Arm for Your Desk

The miniature uArm robot lends a helping hand at work.

A group of self-described "robot maniacs" in China have created a miniature industrial robot arm for your desk. It was inspired by ABB's robots that are used the make Haval SUVs at the Great Wall Motor Company plant in Tianjin. While the uArm isn't meant for nearly the same payload as the ABB robots (initial tests show a regular can of soda is the max), it's also doesn't come with a $50,000 price tag.

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Organic Flow Battery Could Be Game-Changer

Chemical found in rhubarb could hold the key.

A new breakthrough in battery technology could have a huge impact on the energy industry, possibly making alternative energy sources like wind and solar more feasible. Scientists and researchers at Harvard recently published a paper in the January issue of the journal Nature with the snappy title, "A metal-free organic aqueous flow batter" detailing their breakthrough.

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Scientists Discover Self-Healing Metal

In surprising result, cracked metal healed when under stress.

Self-healing materials are nothing new. The ancient Romans used a self-healing mortar in construction, and the self-healing properties of concrete have been known since the 1800s. But when scientists at MIT noticed that, under certain conditions, putting a cracked piece of metal under tension can actually cause the cracks to heal.

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