Wicked Tech: Date Rape Drug Detector

Instantly know if your drink has been tampered with.

Date rape drug detection just got a whole lot smarter with the unveiling of a new, sleek device called pd.id - Personal Drink ID. The battery-operated device is about the size of a lighter, and it is equipped with technology proven by the U.S. DEA to identify in seconds whether a drink has been drugged.

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Wicked Tech: Experience the Sky Anytime You Want

Intelligent false skylights create the sensation of the outdoors.

Humans crave natural sunlight. Our bodies need sunlight not only for our physiological health - making Vitamin D in order to help absorb calcium from our food - but also for our mental health. While nothing can replace the joy of being out in the sun, one Italian designer is trying to create the next best thing with CoeLux, the intelligent false skylight that delivers artificial light with the illusion of the sun and sky.

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Microsoft Unveils Groundbreaking Translator Technology

Execs demo real-time translator for audience at Code Conference

It's like having your own interpreter, without pining for a career at the United Nations. Thanks to their wunderkind development teams, Microsoft and Skype announced significant strides toward real-time translating technology this week. At this week's inaugural Code Conference in Palos Verdes, California, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella led a demo of their would-be universal translator

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Night Vision Without Goggles

Striker II pilot helmet points the way to enhanced reality.

No matter how ridiculous you think Google Glass is (and it is ridiculous), don't kid yourself into thinking that the concept of enhanced reality is going away any time soon. Jaguar and other companies are busy developing enhanced-reality windshields which project visual cues and important information into a drivers' field of vision.

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Two Tech Breakthroughs That Will Terrify You

New developments take the fiction out of science fiction.

What if? That's the question that has sparked many of the most popular works of science fiction. What if we could break the speed of light and go exploring throughout the universe? What if a huge obsidian wall was discovered on the Moon that turned out to be alien technology that helped man evolve from apes

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Wicked Tech: GOkey Portable Phone Charger for Your Key Ring

The charger, cable, locator, and data storage device all-in-one.

As luck would have it, it seems our cell phones like to die on us right at the most inconvenient times possible: getting directions in a new area, talking to a prospective employer, or posting that perfect selfie. Well, thankfully, someone has developed a quick and easy solution to our continuously draining cell phone batteries: Gokey. The all-in-one charger, cable, locator, and data storage device fits nicely on your key ring.

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