Wicked Tech: Satellite-Aided Transmission

Rolls-Royce's Wraith is not just all-powerful, but all-seeing.

When Rolls-Royce unveiled their fastest, most powerful car in history with a direct-injected twin-turbocharged V-12 engine giving 624 horsepower, the most interesting part of the Wraith coupe was actually the transmission. Over a decade after re-launching under BMW ownership, Rolls-Royce broke new ground with their Satellite-Aided Transmission (SAT) technology.

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Future Tech: Quantum Computers and 5-D Storage

The next great evolution in technology is drawing near.

This week, computer hard drive manufacturer Western Digital announced its new 6TB hard drives, news that would have been pretty impressive if it hadn't come out around the same time as the announcement of the 5-D 360TB drive recently developed by scientists at the University of Southampton in England or the latest development in laser technologies that promises to move us one step closer to quantum computing.

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Night Vision Without Goggles

Striker II pilot helmet points the way to enhanced reality.

No matter how ridiculous you think Google Glass is (and it is ridiculous), don't kid yourself into thinking that the concept of enhanced reality is going away any time soon. Jaguar and other companies are busy developing enhanced-reality windshields which project visual cues and important information into a drivers' field of vision.

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Has the Battery Barrier Been Broken?

Stanford research could lead to practical electric cars.

Overcoming the technical limitations of battery storage is one of the great big prizes in the tech world. The battery biz accounts for about $50 billion dollars of our global economy, but despite the tireless research of dozens of high-dollar R&D departments, battery life continues to vex our attempts to build a better laptop, or smart watch, or electric car. But if new research from Stanford University proves practical, that could all change very soon.

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Wicked Tech: Date Rape Drug Detector

Instantly know if your drink has been tampered with.

Date rape drug detection just got a whole lot smarter with the unveiling of a new, sleek device called pd.id - Personal Drink ID. The battery-operated device is about the size of a lighter, and it is equipped with technology proven by the U.S. DEA to identify in seconds whether a drink has been drugged.

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Wicked Tech: Experience the Sky Anytime You Want

Intelligent false skylights create the sensation of the outdoors.

Humans crave natural sunlight. Our bodies need sunlight not only for our physiological health - making Vitamin D in order to help absorb calcium from our food - but also for our mental health. While nothing can replace the joy of being out in the sun, one Italian designer is trying to create the next best thing with CoeLux, the intelligent false skylight that delivers artificial light with the illusion of the sun and sky.

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