Wicked Tech: Artificial Coral Reef Station Could Save Lives

Floating coral reef protects Indonesian coastline from tsunamis.

Could coral reefs help protect countries from tsunamis? Architect Margot Krasojevic thinks so. She has created a conceptual electric coral reef station that would float in the Indian Ocean, with the intended purpose of protecting the Indonesian coastline from Tsunamis while also fostering natural coral growth. The structure is designed with moveable steel girders as its framework along with steel, reef ball structures.

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Are We Neglecting Pilots' Mental Health?

Missing Malaysian Flight 370 opens discussion on psych evaluations.

Malaysian Flight 370 was confirmed "beyond reasonable doubt" to have crashed somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean with no survivors. Six countries have become involved in the search efforts, but no objects from the aircraft have been retrieved yet. As the investigation continues, the pilots' mental health has been under scrutiny, opening up discussion about psychological evaluations commercial pilots undergo.

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Japan Has Robot Cops

Tokyo employs robotic traffic control officers.

When it comes to technology, no one's ever going to beat the Japanese. They have been on the cutting edge of everything electronic since shortly after Ben Franklin tied a key to a kite string. Robotics especially is a field in which the Japanese are extremely advanced. So it's not surprising that they're the first country to employ robots in the field of law enforcement.

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Colorblind Artist Gets Implant to Let Him "Hear" Colors

Ridiculous-looking device turns light vibration into sound.

Colorblindness - the inability to perceive certain colors - affects about 8-percent of men and .5% of women. For most people with color vision deficiencies, life is not all that much different, other than the way things look. But for a visual artist to be colorblind is a serious shortcoming.

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Brazil to Use Johnny Five-Like Robots for 2014 FIFA Security

Military-grade PackBots to be deployed in all 12 host cities.

Fans of bad '80s films and lovers of all things robotic are all well aware of Johnny Five, the military robot from the movie Short Circuit that was given sentience as a result of a lightning strike. Now, nearly forty years later, real-life military robots look remarkably like Johnny Five, which means either that film's creators were remarkably prescient,

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Wicked Tech: XStat Seals Gunshot Wound in 15 Seconds

Medical device has huge potential to save lives on the battlefield.

With all the high-tech medical equipment we have nowadays, it may come as a bit of a surprise that the new technology being developed to treat gunshot wounds in combat is a sponge. The new device under development by RevMedx, called XStat, can seal a gunshot wound in 15 seconds flat, simply by injecting several tiny sponges into the wound.

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