Wicked Tech: Narrative Clip Captures Your Life in Pictures

The tiny, wearable camera logs your life in 30 second intervals.

In 2012 six Swedish entrepreneurs took their idea for a mini camera that constantly documents your life to Kickstarter. To say it was a success is an understatement. They reached their goal of $50,000 in just five hours and by the end of their campaign had raised a whopping $550,000. Well, the device finally started shipping in November of last year and is on the market for anyone interested.

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Wicked Tech: iPhone and Microscope Collide with MicrobeScope

Pocket-sized device allows user to view specimen magnified up to 800x.

Explore the world around you in a new way with the pocket-sized MicrobeScope. The fixed-focus instrument allows users to view individual bacteria and other life forms not visible to the naked eye to the precision of a single micron. While the mount was designed for an iPhone, it is compatible with all other common smartphone brands, like Android, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola.

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Pono: Neil Young's Hi-Fi iPod Goes Live

Rocker still fighting the good fight for better sound.

Neil Young has always been a champion of high fidelity audio. From the advent of the CD age, the rocker has criticized the way digital audio recordings are produced. And for good reason - the audio most people listen to on their portable devices is extremely low quality, despite the fact that the technology exists to have much better quality audio.

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Get Ready to Rumble with the Portable Nintendo 64 Console

Enjoy all of your old favorite games with this DIY hand-held.

Nintendo has long ruled the world of gaming - they are the longest-running console manufacturer on the planet. Even people who know nothing about video games could probably mention Mario to you. And now you can enjoy all of your favorites - Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, Mario Kart, Cruis'n World, GoldenEye, whatever they may be - with a portable Nintendo 64 console system.

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Wicked Tech: Energy-Storing Soccer Ball Powers Third World

Soccket smart ball powers electronics with just 30 minutes of play.

While everyone has been analyzing Adidas' new World Cup soccer ball design - the Brazuca - another company is aiming to change the way we play soccer by designing a better ball. US-based company Uncharted Play has designed a soccer ball that's also helping kids in developing countries get an education. Named the Soccket, this product is more than just a ball, it's also a battery.

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Wicked Tech: The Flying Phantom Sailboat

$40,000 Catamaran glides two feet above the waves.

Phantom International, a French-based company, is leading the pack in the new generation of catamaran sailboats - boats that have two parallel, equally sized hulls - using foiling technology. Using "L"-shaped foils and "T"-shaped rudders they were able to create a sailboat with heavy pitch but also stability while in flight above waters.

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