Don't Be an Idiom: Good for you

Exploring the origins of everyday words and phrases.

Many English idioms are so common that we tend not to think of them as idioms. "Good for you," for example, is a phrase that isn't used much outside of America, with the exception of the variant "good on you" that is popular in Australia. There is also the little-used British phrase "bully for you," which was briefly fashionable in America thanks to Theodore Roosevelt.

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Has It Been Ten Years?

Looking back at things that are now a decade old.

The New Year brings with it many things: new goals, new opportunities, and new articles that focus on the passage of time. They say that time moves faster as you get older, but tell that to people waiting in line at the DMV. When we look back at things that occurred a decade ago, it's interesting how some seem as though they only happened yesterday while other events seem ancient by comparison.

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7 Reasons Why Jesus Would Hate Christmas

From the commercialization of this day to its pagan origins.

Another holiday season is in full swing, and we're already seeing the usual complaints about the war on Christmas. But would Jesus have even approved of our culture's most treasured holiday? If we want to keep the Christ in Christmas, we might have some explaining to do, because we're pretty sure Jesus would never have celebrated Christmas. Here are the seven reasons why.

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Why Does God Hate West Virginia?

Mountaintop removal, the Buffalo Creek flood, and now this?

So, does God hate West Virginia? Probably not, but when you look at its history of natural disasters, coal wars, mine shaft explosions, air crashes, and floods, you'd think the "Mountain State" was ancient Egypt. Hell, even Hank Williams died there. If you don't believe in that kind of stuff, then West Virginia is just plain blighted

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Ambition + Energy Drink = RIP

Indonesian copywriter Mita Diran dies after 30-hour work binge.

Ambition and energy drinks are a lethal combination. Such was the sad case for the Indonesian advertising hopeful Mita Diran, 24, who died after a 30-hour work binge. Employed by advertising firm Young and Rubican, (owned by Ogivy and Mather, based in Jakharta) Diran was ever aware of her employers' sadistically heavy work load and long hours.

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Five Infamous Cars

Four-wheeled contributions to some of history's most memorable events.

Let's be honest, cars are pretty great for committing crimes. It's a hell of a lot easier to escape at 70 mph than 5 mph, and if your car is plain-Jane enough, you'll blend in with the surroundings almost immediately. To make it even better, if nobody saw your face, ditch the vehicle and you're pretty much invisible.

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