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2017 Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription Review

A refined and elegant Swedish SUV for the whole family

2017 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Sport Review

Is it better to look fast than to be fast?

2017 Chevrolet Trax Premier Review

The struggle for mediocrity is real

2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport Review

A bona fide compact sports sedan on a budget

Amazon Starts Hiring Its Autonomous Car Team

Is an "Amazon Optimus Prime" subscription in our future?

The retail giant, Amazon has seemingly got its hand in almost every pot imaginable. If it can be sold or monetized, they want a piece of the pie. For over a year, they've been silently putting together a team to work on developing autonomous vehicle technology and how to leverage it for their needs. This could be an avenue they take to have more speedy delivery somewhere down the line.

Nissan to Expand Nismo Development With Creation of New Division

This might bring a bit of excitement to the Japanese brand

In an effort to make Nismo cars a bigger part of its business, Nissan has developed a new division called the Nismo Cars Business Department. The goal will be to roll out more high-performance cars and spread the cars out to markets around the world.

Why a Hatchback Makes the Perfect Millennial Vehicle

Too there's no automaker with a "Millennial Falcon" in its lineup

Settling for an economy car isn't what it used to be. Times have changed since those with shallow pockets had to buy shitty cars like the Yugo. That sucker didn't come with air conditioning, power windows or even a radio. But hatchbacks now are better than ever before. Better styled, improved ergonomics and even more practical than before. For folks like millennials who don't like to drive or even own a car, affordable hatchbacks have the greatest appeal, and here are five reasons why.

Here's What Comes Standard on the 3 Cheapest Cars in America

Low prices don't mean these cars are featureless

Most people equate cheap cars with poor quality and lack of any real features or amenities. It is true that you get more of basically everything in a more expensive car, but the way the automotive industry has progressed over the last decade or so has ensured that even the cheapest cars on the market come reasonably well-equipped.

The Civic Type R Sets World's Fastest Nürburgring Lap Time for a FWD Car

The fastest Civic Honda has ever made just proved itself

The Civic Type R will come to the U.S. in a couple months. If you weren't excited for it already, you definitely should be now. The car just posted the fastest Nürburgring lap time in history for a front-wheel-drive car. It completed the lap in just 7 minutes and 43.8 seconds.

Waymo Accuses Uber of Hiding Stolen LiDAR Tech

Uber swears they're innocent, but something smells fishy here

In the middle of a large court battle, Google's Waymo and Uber Technologies are raging against each other. Waymo has accused an ex-employee of illegally downloading thousands of its files before leaving the company to go found his own automotive company, Otto, which was since acquired by Uber. Uber insists that nothing was stolen and they're not hiding anything, but Waymo believes otherwise.

Video: The Chevy Bolt Takes on Autonomous Driving at Night

Talk about making a serious case for driverless cars

If autonomous driving is a decade away, we're not convinced. It seems more and more companies are truly serious about testing these days, and here's more evidence of that fact. GM just released its third video of the new Chevy Bolet EV tooling around San Francisco without any driver input, though there is an "autonomous-vehicle trainer" behind the wheel.

Hyundai Makes Dreams Come True in Shackleton's Return

That's one beasty Santa Fe traipsing through the Antarctic

One hundred years ago Sir Ernest Shackleton embarked on an Endurance Expedition to cross the Antarctic. The trip was cut short due to his ship getting trapped in ice, but the dream never died. A century after the failed expedition, Shackleton's great-grandson Patrick Bergel makes the trans-Antarctic trip in a custom Santa Fe.

Uber Has Managed Growth, but Not Without Great Loss

One would wonder if they somewhat mismanage money though

Uber has been the topic of discussion a lot lately, albeit most of it negative. They've hoped to change that trend by releasing part of its financials for the first time. As the ride-sharing company is privately held, they aren't required to publicize their earnings. They've revealed that their sales growth is outpacing their losses.

The Bad News About Deep Subprime Car Loans Should Have You Worried

It's almost like the housing crisis all over again. Almost.

People simply need cars, and cars are expensive. This paired with the poor credit scores and low wages of many Americans means that people opt for a subprime car loan or a deep subprime car loan. According to Bloomberg, delinquencies on these types of loans is on the rise, and that's not good for anybody.

News Roundup: BMW Makes Another M4, Ford's GT350 Continues, Mercedes Says No More Creases

Here's the scoop on the cars in the news this week

We get it, your busy schedule doesn't afford you time to read all of the automotive news you'd like. That's why at the end of every week we round up all of our news stories into one quick, easy-to-read post. If a particular story piques your interest, feel free to click the link to the full article. Quite a lot happened this week. Here's what you'll want to know.

Autonomous Cars are Taking Pointers from Grand Theft Auto V

They won't be acting as getaway cars, but they're still pretty cool

With everyone racing to get ahead in the autonomous vehicle revolutions, developers have realized there just isn't enough time to clock the real-world miles needed to program and teach cars to operate themselves. Because of this, they've reached a point where the video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) could be of some very useful assistance.

Will the Audi e-tron Sportback Concept Really Come to Production in 2019?

Audi's way of making up for its parent company's sins

As part of the VW Group's atonement for the Dieselgate scandal, it has pledged to build more EVs in the future. The company already had this idea in the works, but its diesel fumble seems to have pushed the company to actually create some vehicles. The Audi e-tron Sportback concept is just one of the vehicles it plans to bring to market in the not too distant future.

The 10 Best Car Grilles are Bold and Beautiful

Brands aren't holding back when it comes to brand identity

Sure, every aspect of a car's appearance is important, but almost no feature is more noticeable on a vehicle than the grille. These days, carmakers are striving hard to make theirs distinct in a crowded field where originality can be very good or truly awful. Here are the some of the best grilles in the industry today.