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2019 Honda Pilot Elite AWD Review

The minivan takes many forms

2019 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve 4x4 Crew Cab Review

When also-ran status is still pretty good

2019 Jaguar I-PACE EV400 HSE Review

Jaguar builds a truly special crossover EV

2019 Lexus IS 350 F Sport AWD Review

The aging Bimmer fighter claws for positioning

Gear Up: 3 Best Truck Tents for Camping

Enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your pickup

Elevate your camping experience by converting your pickup truck bed into an actual bed with these 3 best pickup truck tents.

These Are the Top 5 Selling Crossovers of 2019 So Far

Which crossover should you buy in 2019? Survey says...

If you're in the market for a crossover SUV, you're in luck because there are dozens of excellent options to choose from. These are the top 5 sellers of 2019, so far.

Carjacker's Death in Philadelphia Should Be a Stark Warning to Would-Be Criminals

A tragic sign of the times we live in

Crime surely doesn't pay, especially when you lose your life in the commission of it. Recently, a man was beaten to death in Philadelphia after carjacking with three kids still in the vehicle.

Holy Cheese-Grater Sex on Wheels, Batman! This is the New Bentley EXP 100 GT Concept

Bentley aims for the future and hits it

Bentley Motors and the Tron movies made love, and this is what came out of it. Yes, you're officially looking at the new Bentley EXP 100 GT concept, and you may need a shower after looking at it.

What is the Average Car Loan Interest Rate?

What to expect when you finance your vehicle

Auto loan interest rates can range from 0% to percentages in the double digits. Learn what the average auto loan is and how to score the lowest possible rate for your car purchase.

How Much Money Can You Save By Rotating Your Vehicle's Tires Regularly?

Save money and increase safety at the same time

Nobody likes to spend money on car maintenance, especially for something that doesn't seem like an emergency. And tire rotation just happens to be one of those tasks that gets neglected.

We Desperately Want This BMW X7 Pickup Truck

Exclusive, meaning you can't have it

Take one look at this X7 that's been chopped to create a luxurious pickup truck, and you might just want to get a petition going to get them to build it.

This Will Be the Last Generation of the Chevy Camaro For a While

How many times can a model die?

And now that everything (except for the interior) has been done properly with the sixth-gen Camaro, news is floating around that there will be no seventh-gen Camaro. 

Ford Retiree Surprises His Kids with Patriotic Mustang GT Convertibles For July 4th

American through and through

Kaywin Martin, a lifelong Ford employee, surprises his three kids with red, white and blue Mustang GT Convertibles ahead of 4th of July and his 80th birthday.

The 2020 BMW X6 Gets Bigger, Badder and Maybe a Little Bit Uglier

Over the top in just about every way

BMW wants to further separate the X5 and the X6. The grilles on both vehicles are large, but the X6's is more aggressive.

We Witness the Unveiling of the 2020 Dodge Charger Widebody

Go wide or go home

FCA invited us to visit their Chelsea Proving Grounds for the annual "What's New" Event where we witnessed the unveiling of the all-new 2020 Dodge Charger Widebody. Here's what you should know.

The Audi S8 Goes Big With a Twin-Turbo V8 and 571 Horses

There truly is no replacement for displacement

The new S8 flagship sedan has broken cover in its gloriously conservative self with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 under that sexy hood.

$13MM Worth of Seized Exotic Cars Go Up for Auction, Including a Rare Lambo

Once members of a politician's super-fancy garage

Some of the cars included in the auction will include a McLaren P1 ($1.5 million to $1.8 million), a super-rare Koenigsegg One:1 ($1.8 million to $2.4 million), an also super-rare Lamborghini Veneno.

Mitsubishi May Revive The Lancer Evolution, and We Rejoice

Mitsubishi needs their halo car back

Mitsubishi needs an injection of adrenaline in its system and soon. Now, the rumor is that the brand just may bring back the Lancer Evo before it's too late.