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One of the world's best cars for a pittance

2020 Volvo V60 T5 AWD Cross Country Review

Making the case to keep wagons alive

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Volvo's Top-Tier 3-Row SUV stays fresh

2020 BMW X5 M Competition Review

The authoritative performance SUV

The Weak-Ass Power in the Subaru Forester is a Deal Breaker

Whatever happened to the awesome 250-hp XT?

The brand just announced a more spritely 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder (175 horsepower) for the Japanese market, but even if it comes to America, we're still not going to buy a Forester.

Thanks a Lot For Giving Us All The Crappy Cars Instead of the Super-Cool 500 3+1 EV, Fiat!

This thing would sell like hotcakes

Now that the 500 is gone, Fiat shows us the 500 3+1 EV, and it's the awesome 500 ev we want but just can't freakin' have. WTF, indeed. 

What's the Toll of Selling Your Car Before It's Paid Off?

Avoid the pitfalls that come with selling a financed car

The costs of selling a vehicle before it's paid off include the time, hassle, and financial burden of getting the remainder of the car loan squared away.

Do You Know What Your Car Insurance Covers? Many Americans Don't

Drivers are clueless about car insurance says a new study

Many car owners do not understand car insurance coverage which means thousands of dollars are on the line in the event of an accident. We cover the concepts you need to know.

The New 1,000-Horsepower GMC Hummer EV Looks a Lot Like the Old Hummer + the New Ford Bronco

Tapping into the past and headed for the future

The long-awaited and much-anticipated 2022 GMC Hummer EV just came out of the shadows in a really big way. The new electric Hummer is big, bold, and more stylish than any Hummer before it.

The Ford F-Series Pulls its Weight for Owners and the U.S. Economy

F-Series generates $49 million in GDP and 500,000 U.S. jobs

Among the laundry list of upgrades to the 2021 Ford F-150's exterior, interior, capability, and efficiency, the redesign boiled down to one goal: productivity.

Get Past the Brand Name! Kia, Hyundai, and Mazda are Redefining Automotive Luxury

Posh doesn't have to cost $80K+ anymore

You no longer have to look at the premium brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, Jaguar, or Land Rover to get luxury.

Gear Up: Best Fast-Charge Car Chargers

Don't let a dead phone battery ruin your trip

A dead phone battery can put a damper on your commute or roadtrip. keep your phone charged on the go with these fast charging car adapters and kits.

These Are the Most Affordable 4x4 SUVs in Each Segment

The prospect of off-road fun shouldn't bury you in auto debt

Off-road capable vehicles don't have to break the bank. See the most affordable 4x4 SUV in each size segment to fit any family and budget.

The Acura MDX Concept is Damned Close to What We'll Get Next Year

It might as well be the production version

Take a look at these photos because this "MDX Prototype" is pretty much a production version based on the fact that nothing is hidden, cloaked, or otherwise obscured. And damn, it looks pretty fine.

The More Powerful Subaru Crosstrek is the Best Crossover For Teen Drivers

Virtually, the best of all worlds for adolescents

So, what's a parent to do when choosing a car for their teenager to drive (borrow, not own!). There are numerous considerations to take into account. Our vote is the 2021 Subaru Crosstrek. 

The Average Car Payment Tops $500, But Should You Pay That Much?

Auto debt is skyrocketing, but you can keep yours in check

The average new car loan payment is at an all-time high of $554, but that doesn't mean you need to break the bank to afford a car purchase. See how to finance your vehicle for lower monthly payments.

Does Anyone Really Need a 1,012-Horsepower Hennessey Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat HPE1000?

Making its 710-hp sibling seem wimpy

Hennessey Performance has the answer with its Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat HPE1000. 1,012 horsepower to be exact. If you think that's totally nuts, you'd be right.

The 2021 Refresh for the Honda Accord Comes at a Price

Honda focuses on upgrading its class-leading Accord Hybrid

For 2021, Honda focuses on offering more features for its popular midsize sedan including subtle styling changes, more standard tech, and improved performance, especially for the Hybrid model.