Car Reviews

2018 Jaguar E-PACE P300 AWD R-Dynamic HSE Review

Smaller and friendlier but still an angry housecat

2018 Chevrolet Cruze LT Diesel Auto Hatch Review

A niche powertrain in a niche segment

2018 BMW 640i xDrive Gran Turismo Review

The Frankenstein monster gets handsome

2018 Mazda6 Signature Review

The proper and more powerful evolution of the species

The 2018 Holden Colorado Z71 Xtreme is One Badass Aussie Off-Roader

Paul Hogan might want to switch over from Subaru

Now, the Aussie GM arm has built a more serious off-road version that borrows the eXtreme name that was popular on the street performance versions in the '90s.

Are SUVs Safer than Cars?

We're putting this segment's safety myths to rest

You may have heard that an SUV is safer than a car due to its ride height or it is more dangerous because of the increased chance of rollover. We'll dig in to compare the safety of both segments.

This Solar Car Can Charge While You Drive

Sono Motors, new Scion may use solar cells to change the world

Have you always wondered why solar power isn't used on cars? Well, ponder this question no longer thanks to Sono Motors. The company is building an electric car that uses solar panels.

We Drive the 2019 Dodge Challenger

Dodge keeps adding to its two-door muscle car

Last year Dodge released the Demon. This year, it used what it learned building the Demon to make its new 2019 Challenger lineup even better.

3 Excellent Cars to Buy If You Don't Care a Lick About Image

These cars are more about value than brand cache

If you don't care much about your image, and you just want a really nice car, then you should consider one of the following cars for your next vehicle.

Mazda Used to Make an All-Wheel Drive 6, So Why Not Now?

The Mazdaspeed6 was one special unicorn

Well, a little over a decade ago, Mazda built an all-wheel drive sedan, and it was called the Mazdaspeed 6. It was short-lived, for sure, lasting for only two production years from 2006 to 2007. 

5 Best Cars for Seniors

Make everyday driving more pleasant and safe

If you're looking for a comfortable vehicle for yourself or an elderly parent, these 5 cars come with all the features you need.

What Is a Dead Pedal and Why Is It Important?

A simple thing that can make a huge difference

One thing that many drivers use without even realizing it is a dead pedal. Let's take a closer look at this part of your car and why it's important.

This 1966 Porsche 911 Bertone Spyder is Worth Every Penny of Its $1 Million Asking Price

It's the only one of its kind ever made

This vintage 1966 Porsche 911 Bertone Spyder will go up for sale at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance at Monterey Car Week in California later this month.

Gear Up: 5 Best Car Tool Kits

These handy tools can help keep you on the road

Having access to some good tools is a necessity for any car owner. Here are some basic tool kits that will help you if you need to do a basic maintenance job on your car.

Doing the #ShiggyChallenge is Stupid Car Behavior

At the very least, do not attempt on a busy road

Celebrities and Joe Schmoes alike are doing the Shiggy Challenge but when you get hit by a car, you're taking it too far.

How To Make Money With Your Car

From food delivery to advertising, the possibilities are endless

Whether you want to drive people around or would rather avoid the backseat small talk, there are numerous ways your car can make you some extra bucks.

The Tesla Model X is the Ugliest SUV Made Today

It's been beestung, and it's badly in need of a car Epi-pen

You certainly can't say the Tesla Model X is a copy of any other brand's crossover/SUV. But that doesn't mean it's attractive.

Tesla Model 3 Production and Sales are Ramping Up

Will Tesla be able to keep things rolling along?

Tesla's Model 3 production seems to be ramping up as it needs to. So far, the company has struggled, but now it's on the right track.