Car Reviews

2022 Mazda CX-30 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus Review

Compact crossover driving thrills

2022 Hyundai Kona Electric Limited Review

Under the radar but better than expectations

2022 Subaru WRX Premium Review

The spirit of the WRX lives on but also disappoints

Video: Carjackers Don't Factor in Size of Pickup Truck or Driver's Balls

They chose poorly

We can't tell what it is from the blurry video footage. They're driving on a one-lane on-ramp to a freeway when the hatchback comes to a stop. Things go south from there. Take a look. 

The Polestar 2 Arctic Circle Concept EV Doesn't Fear Winter

Those crazy Swedes are at it again

Polestar wants to push the envelope of what the Polestar 2 can do. It created the Polestar 2 Arctic Circle that builds on the excellent 469-hp Polestar 2 Goodwood prototype. 

Review: The 2022 Niro EV EX Premium is the Everyman's Electric Car

Very, very good in all the right ways

What if you don't want to plunk down over 54 grand for a long-range Tesla Model Y? There's the Kia Niro EV, that's what. It's priced at $39,990 base MSRP.

Review: The 2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country is the Best Station Wagon on Planet Earth

It's the vehicle we want for our own family

The good news is that Volvo is still committed to building its stilted sibling, the V90 Cross Country in a market that doesn't care about station wagons unless it's the Subaru Outback.

The 7 Best Car Infotainment Systems Available in 2022

In-car technology is high on the list of shopper priorities

Here are 7 of the best infotainment systems we've used over the past year. Each one of these systems also shows up in vehicles that are also excellent in their own right.

Don't Be Misled by the Low Payments on a 84-Month Auto Loan

This is a big part of becoming financially savvy

These days, customers are buying more car than they can really afford because of the lure of low monthly payments. It is, frankly, very deceptive on the part of car dealerships.

The 5 Best Manual Transmission Cars in 2022

A dying breed that has our undying affection

But there's hope for those of us who love to rope our own gears, as thin as that hope is, and it comes in the form of some great manual transmission cars that are still for sale today. 

Review: The 2021 Toyota Sienna XSE Might Just Be the Minivan to Covet

We drive it on a family vacation in Florida, and it shines

Compared to the minivans of old, which used to look pretty stupid not that long ago (including the last-generation Sienna), the new Sienna is all kinds of handsome, borderline head-turning.

Review: The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Overland 4x4 Evolves in a Bigger and More Refined Direction

Going upscale in both sophistication and size

We got to drive the new three-row version of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee in the near-top Overland trim.

The 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone Mark's the Brand's First Luxury Pickup Truck

An uber-schmancy Tundra for the upper crusty

Not only does it look competitive from a feature and technology set, but it also gets real luxury in the form of the new 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone.

Review: The Mazda MX-30 EV is Most Definitely a Niche Electric Crossover

Have fun but prepare to charge often

We recently got behind the wheel of the new Mazda MX-30 crossover EV. In the world of electric cars, it's an interesting approach to both efficiency and purpose.

The 2024 Chevy Silverado EV Debuts with Hummer Looks, 400 Miles of Range and Up to 664 Horsepower

Late to the game but, boy howdy, what a truck

The new 2024 Chevy Silverado EV is now here. and it will go up against the likes of the Rivian R1T and the Ford F-150 Lightning.

The 2021 Web2Carz Vehicles of The Year

The best of the best

We thoroughly enjoyed our seat time and were amazed by how much vehicles have advanced in the past year. Here are the winners in the three important segments: Car, SUV,  and Truck. 

The 2022 Toyota Avalon Nightshade Edition is the Model's Drive Into the Sunset

A sad moment for the last of the big affordable sedans

Toyota just announced what might be the last of the Avalon in a special Nightshade trim. That's right, as we confirmed not long ago, the Toyota Avalon isn't long for this world.