Gear Up: 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

We've rounded up the best gifts for the car-obsessed

Need holiday gift ideas for the car enthusiast or road warrior? Here's your complete guide. Luckily, we've got you covered for thrilling all the car enthusiasts in your life.

Top 3 IIHS Safety Rated Pickup Trucks

Tow, haul and trek with confidence

We looked at the 2018 data provided by the IIHS after crash testing vehicles in every segment to present the top 3 safe pickup trucks on the market this year. 

Best 2018 Black Friday New Car Deals

Snag a Black Friday price on these SUVs, pickups and sedans

See which 6 vehicles have the best Black Friday deals for 2018. Find a great price on these SUVs, pickup trucks or sedans this season.

10 Best Automobiles We're Truly Thankful For in 2018

Regardless of sales volume, these are all excellent choices

We haven't driven everything available for sale in 2018, but we get a great sampling of what's out there. Here are our choices for the ten we've really loved so far.

Is TRD Trim on a Camry Like Jalapeño Jelly on White Bread?

Can a vanilla model get spiced up properly?

Well, Toyota just one-upped themselves and introduced a TRD (Toyota Racing Development) version of the Camry. That's really big news, folks.

3 Best Hatchbacks with Top Safety Ratings

Performance, convenience and safety in a compact package

Though hatchbacks may not be as plentiful in the market as sedans and SUVs, we found the top safety-rated models that won't bore you to death after you turn on the engine.

Gear Up: Top 3 Glove Box and Console Organizers

Never lose an important document in your car again

Keep important documents like your vehicle registration and AAA card safe and secure with these 3 glove box and console organizers.

3 Best SUVs with Top Safety Ratings

See which vehicles stand out in the crowded segment

In order to earn the IIHS Safety Pick+ award, a vehicle must do well in both crashworthiness and crash avoidance. These 3 SUVs not only earned the highest safety ratings but are also great to drive.

Top 10 Vehicles with the Best Resale Value

The value you recoup can be as important as the car's price

The resale value of the car you buy can be just as crucial as its sale price because it will factor into your total cost of ownership. These 10 vehicles hold their value better than the rest.

The Most Googled Car Brands In Every Country

You might be surprised to see the results. We were.

Veygo took a close look at 2018 global car searches, and they put together a fascinating map. Granted, the year isn't quite over, but the map is worth a look.

5 Great Things About the 2019 Genesis G70

This German-eating Korean is a righteous first effort

The Genesis G70 sports sedan is almost here, and we can't wait to drive it. By all accounts, it's a performance sedan that the likes of BMW, Audi, and Mercedes should be worried about.

Gear Up: 4 Best Car Washing Kits

Even a flock of birds with perfect aim is no match for these

We found the best all-in-one car washing and detailing kits out there to get your car back to its original beauty.

6 Off-Road Ready Vehicles That Are Great for Everyday Driving

Because who wants to choose between fun and function?

These 6 SUVs and trucks have all the latest off-road features but are just as capable on a highway as they are on a mountain.

Don't Forget to Bring These 7 Documents When You Go To Buy Your Car

Use this as your checklist to avoid stress at the dealership

To keep the car process moving along, the best thing you can do is to ensure that you have these 7 documents in tow.

Ford Commissions Tuners to Build Modified Mustangs For SEMA 2018

Which one is your favorite?

Ford is never one to shy away from SEMA, and this year they're bringing some tuner cars that should be show stoppers, all in the form of Ford's only production passenger car... the Mustang.