The More Powerful Subaru Crosstrek is the Best Crossover For Teen Drivers

Virtually, the best of all worlds for adolescents

So, what's a parent to do when choosing a car for their teenager to drive (borrow, not own!). There are numerous considerations to take into account. Our vote is the 2021 Subaru Crosstrek. 

Can You Lower Your Car Insurance Payments Because You're Working From Home?

See how to approach your insurance company for a discount

If your work situation has reduced your time behind the wheel, you may be able to save on your auto insurance. Learn what discounts car insurance companies are offering and how to lower your payment.

Should You Bite on That Dealer Buyback Offer You Got in the Mail?

See if you can come out ahead by trading in your car early

You recieve a buyback offer in the mail from your dealership. Should you trade in your used car early and take advantage of a new car deal?

These 5 Car Features are Totally Stupid

Just because they exist doesn't mean you should get them

Many of the newfangled tech bits cost extra, too. So, don't waste your money when it comes to crap you just won't use because they're pointless, as well as annoying.

The 3 Best Crossovers of 2020 Are Tremendous Values

These are the cream of the crop for 2020

The staggering number of crossovers sold today is mindboggling. Then there are those standouts that seem to do just about everything well, and we've narrowed them down to three in varying sizes and pr

GMC Needs to Bring Back the Typhoon Performance SUV

Not everything in the '90s was terrible

Back in the '90s, the GMC arm of General Motors built a high-powered version of its popular GMC Jimmy (sister of the Chevy Blazer). Not only was it fast, but it also looked pretty slick.

The Death of the Hyundai Elantra GT Further Signals the End of Hatchbacks

Why do Americans seem to hate driving fun?

The Hyundai Elantra GT hatchback will be no more after the 2020 model year. Americans plainly just do not want small cars, unless they're crossovers.

My Neighbor and I Want the Same Car: A Used Volkswagen Golf Alltrack With a Stick Shift

Great minds think alike, apparently

I had a discussion with my neighbor and good friend about what kind of car we'd want to buy and realistically could buy that would be both fun and practical. It played out uncannily.

Does "No Negotiation" at the Dealership Really Mean What it Says?

No-haggle pricing can be more complex than it sounds

Should you take the no-haggle price when buying a car or try to negotiate? See what no negotiating really means and how to get the best deal.

A Major Restructuring Plan Shakes Up Nissan and Infiniti

The two brands will look very different by 2023

After reporting its first annual loss in 11 years, Nissan makes a major restructuring announcement. See what the future holds for Nissan and Infiniti.

Used Car Deals Unlikely to Last Through the Summer

As the auto market recovers, prices will creep back up

After a dramatic drop in used car sales during COVID-19, some car dealers were forced to reduce prices. With demand for used vehicles rebounding, it's likely prices with follow.

Is Ridesharing a Safe Option During COVID-19?

Uber and Lyft are enforcing stricter guidelines

With COVID-19 anxieties heightened, you may wonder if it's safe (or smart) to use rideshare as a passenger or driver. Here's what you should know if you ride or drive for a service like Uber or Lyft.

Are Car Sales Showing Signs of Life?

The auto industry appears to be rebounding from COVID-19

Auto industry sales data is showing an upward trend in car sales after a rough few weeks. Will it continue?

Here's when Tesla, VW, and the Detroit 3 Aim to Restart Production

Is there a light at the end of the COVID tunnel for OEMs?

As several states are loosening restrictions, automakers see a light at the end of the tunnel and are busy planning to resume production. Here's when VW, Tesla, and the Detroit 3 are aiming to restart

If Only Nissan Would Build the 400Z Exactly Like This

The past and the future in one beautiful package

A seriously talented graphic artist and transportation design student named Leyang Bai in California has rendered what the 400Z should look like (rather than just a slightly altered 370Z).