2019 Mazda3 Sales Have Dropped Because of This Reason

Losing some practicality in the pursuit of beauty

The new Mazda3 outdoes every other model at its price point, as well as one level up on the price spectrum. The problem is that the thing isn't selling very well.

We Road Trip in the 2020 Toyota Camry XSE V6

This sporty number proves mid-size sedans are far from dead

We took the 2020 Toyota Camry XSE V6 on a road trip to Toyota's Indiana plant. See our thoughts on its styling, performance, and tech.

Toyota Invests $1.3 Billion to Modernize Indiana Plant and Meet Highlander Demand

Humans and autonomous tech work in tandem at Toyota

Toyota gears up for increased demand of the 2020 Highlander by investing $1.3 billion in their Indiana plant. We tour the factory to see the modernization efforts first-hand.

Making the Next Nissan Frontier Look Like the Titan is a Terrible Idea

The next Frontier should be epic, not a smaller copy of a dud

he good news is that Nissan plan on replacing the existing Frontier with a totally new design in 2021, which really isn't soon enough but whatever.

The Web2Carz 2019 Truck Of The Year is the Ram 1500

The redesigned Ram takes the trophy again

The Ram 1500 just seems to do it all especially well, and though its tough through-and-through, it's also remarkably refined beyond what you'd expect.

The Web2Carz 2019 Car Of The Year is the Volvo S60

Under the radar but over the top

Our choice for 2019's best car is the Volvo S60. It does just about everything remarkably well. Read about why we chose it as our favorite sedan.

Forget the 2019 Nissan Versa Because the 2020 Loses All the Ugly

The doughy, embarrassing sedan goes under the knife

Nissan paid attention to the criticism when they redesigned the Versa sedan for the 2020 model year. Just based on looks alone, it's a serious improvement. Just take a look. 

3 Reasons Why Prius Owners Suck So Bad at Driving

The wholly unskilled "driving" the totally unexciting

Before we get nasty emails from Prius owners, let's just get this out: You suck at driving. In your heart of hearts, you know it's true.

What's the Best Crossover Under $25,000?

You'd be surprised how much you get for your money

The Kona is a surprise that checks all these boxes and then some. It's actually hard for us to fathom the fact that the Kona has so much to offer.

We're Thankful For These Four Things in the Car Industry in 2019

Some big, some small, all good

This Thanksgiving, we're taking the time to be thankful for a handful of truly good things in the automotive industry. 

Reinventing the Auto Show Just Might Save It

Resting on laurels gets you nowhere

In a recent story by Automotive News, it seems the organizers of the most recent Tokyo Motor Show have turned things around by changing the way the show looks, feels, and runs.

The Grille on the New Hyundai Azera Should be the Brand's Face

It's the best grille we've seen in some time

It looks like the Azera may actually come back in the form of the newly refreshed Grandeur. Just take a look at that stunning grille. 

Is a Compact Crossover or a Midsize Sedan Right For You?

Consider cargo, capability, and your budget

Crossovers are growing in popularity while sedan sales are sluggish. Despite these trends, there are many excellent mid-size sedans on the market. Here's how to decide which vehicle is right for you.

Want This, Buy This: 2019 Lexus NX 300 F Sport vs. 2019 Hyundai Tucson Sport

Both all-around good in their own right

We've driven two of the better driving small crossovers at two different price points, the Lexus NX 300 F Sport and the refreshed Hyundai Tucson Sport. Here's how they stack up.

Can the Massive GM Strike Make an Impact on Future U.S. Jobs?

Nearly 50,000 GM employees have walked out

The UAW is fighting for GM to raise wages, improve health benefits and increase job security for its employees. They are also asking for GM to move manufacturing jobs from Mexico to the U.S.