e test a lot of new cars here at Web2Carz, and while we know we have a great gig, we also know nothing is perfect. Which is why we're about to unleash some hate.

We've already presented our automotive wish list, and now, in a nod to Seinfeld's fabled fictional Festivus holiday, we're going to air our grievances.

There are just a handful of cars without center armrests, but when we test one, we want to scream.

Cars without a dead pedal: A dead pedal, or a footrest in non-gearhead terms, is present in most cars. Sadly, a few cars, trucks, and SUVs don't have one, and this makes for some darn uncomfortable commuting.

Lack of armrests: There are just a handful of cars without center armrests, but when we test one, we want to scream. Our arms need somewhere to go—we don't want to start spewing bad "I just drove to the office and boy, are my arms tired" jokes.

Overly intrusive traction control and stability control systems: Being based in the Midwest, we generally appreciate these electronic aids when the weather turns foul. But sometimes they intervene when they don't need to. And sometimes, we'd like to be able to fully turn them off—either for a spirited back-road blast or to help us get out of a slippery situation (sometimes traction control can be a hindrance when we're stuck in snow).

Catch-all check-engine lights: We'd love to live in a world where our cars could tell us exactly why the check engine light has come on, instead of sending us to the dealer or digging for our scan tool. A dealer will charge labor just to figure out why the light is on, and even if we have a scan tool, it might not be able to clarify the issue. Besides, no one wants to go to all that effort to find out that the gas cap is too loose.

Cars without a center console: Occasionally we encounter a car without a center console. Given that we like to carry our iPods, iPhones, and all manner of crap around, we'd like someplace to stuff it other than the glovebox. And shallow, small center consoles are almost worse than no console at all.

Tell us what you're hatin' on in the comments below.