It’s no surprise that buyers often compare both new and used cars. For a given price point, the market for potential cars explodes once you start looking away from new cars alone. Yes, you might give up the warranty, but if you’re looking for something unique, used cars provide a good value … provided you pick the right one. Bang for Your Buck takes a look at five used cars you could get with the money you’d spend on the new car we’ve tested recently — running the gamut from sensible to silly.

Our latest press car is the 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport. It sports the same 340-horsepower V-6 as the base-model Range Rover, but it’s built on a smaller chassis, so it’s got a little extra pep in its step. However, it still remains a very versatile SUV, with such options as a two-speed transfer case, adjustable air suspension, and multi-mode terrain settings. Of course, being a Range Rover, it’s also endlessly luxurious. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too, even though most people say you can’t.

5. 1950 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight

1950 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight

Found on the Internet For: $75,000

Range Rovers resemble their much older counterparts, in part to keep close the brand’s heritage. That reasoning could be applied to classic cars, as well; they help their owners to remember the days gone by. With this 1950 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight, you can get all nostalgic over more than one car, because this frame-off restoration is actually a menagerie of parts from a wide variety of vehicles, including a Ford Mustang II and a Lincoln Versailles. We doubt GM had those parts in mind when building the car originally.

4. 2015 Ford F-250 King Ranch

2015 Ford F-250 King Ranch

Found on the Internet For: $77,991

This truck is the ultimate brodozer, if perhaps you weren’t feeling as rugged as possible in the Range Rover Sport. The King Ranch is the F-250’s highest trim level, and so it’s rocking a level of luxury on par with the Range. As a matter of fact, the dashboard and steering-wheel shapes are awfully similar. Of course, the F-250 will fit in better at a Kenny Chesney concert, whereas the Rover is a bit more suited to hip urban joints. But no matter where you’re parking, you’re far more likely to survive a curb scrape in the F-250.

3. 2009 Lincoln Navigator

2009 Lincoln Navigator Limousine

Found on the Internet For: $69,500

Perhaps the Range Rover Sport isn’t spacious enough for you. How’s a 140-inch limousine suit your need for a cavernous interior? It’s built by a well-known California company named Tiffany, so you can watch your friends get real confused when you tell them, “Oh, my limousine? Tiffany built it.”

“Tiffany who?”

“Tiffany Tiffany.”

“Like, the jewelry company?”

See? The amusement can go on for seconds. Maybe even minutes, if you talk slowly enough.

2. 2005 Freightliner Sport Chassis

2005 Freightliner Sport Chassis

Found on the Internet For: $74,750

Why buy a regular SUV when you can buy a vehicle that has the luxury of a full-size SUV with the physical dimensions and structure of a god damned semi? If you have a whole team of racing horses, or perhaps a garage of stolen cars that need to be moved across the country, this would make more sense than the Range Rover Sport. In the real world, where real people live, though? Your neighbors would probably slash your tires every night. And you can’t do anything about it, because it’s too tall for a standard garage.

1. 1964 Porsche 356C

1964 Porsche 356C

Found on the Internet For: $70,000

Silliness aside, if you want to spend money on an appreciating asset rather than a depreciating one, this 356C is practically a shoe-in for a positive return on investment. Porsches of all shapes and sizes are seeing their values explode upward, whereas Land Rover recently ranked awfully low in initial quality. If you’re a person that thinks of every purchase as an investment, it’s hard to top a vintage Porsche.

Unless, of course, you want to drive the living hell out of it. But even then, we still think the 356 is the better buy.

(Pictures and cars courtesy eBay.)