The right wheels can make a huge difference when it comes to the look of a vehicle. It’s akin to pairing the right shoes to the rest of your outfit. The right ones can take everything up a notch. Fashion advice aside, great wheels can make a dramatically difference both in terms of appearance and performance. While you might think that the only way to get some beautiful, light weight and strong wheels is to buy them after market, you’d be wrong. Some amazing wheels come straight from the factory. Here are our seven choices for models with the best factory wheels.


BMW M2 Coupe

The BMW M2 (base MSRP $51,700) is one of the best cars you can buy if you love to drive. While many people will be wooed by the M2’s 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six (365 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque) and others by its dashing good looks, some will be drawn to the beautiful, lightweight 19-inch, 5-double-spoke forged wheels. These beauties are not only eye-catching, but help let this performance machine do what it was designed to do... perform.

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Mustang Shelby GT350R

Shelby GT350R wheels

The Shelby GT350R (base MSRP $61,295) has wheels that look great, but what’s really interesting about them is that they’re carbon fiber. This saves 15 pounds from a comparable aluminum wheel, saving up to 60 pounds total weight for the V8-powered pony car. The wheels are just of the many subtle changes that set the GT350R apart from the Mustang GT350. The Gt350R also features slightly lowered suspension, a louder exhaust note and roughly 130 lbs. less than its more pedestrian brother.  

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Porsche 911 R

Porsche 911 R

The 3.7 second 0-60 time might be enough to convince some people to take a closer look at the Porsche 911 R (base MSRP $185,950) and when they do, they’re going to find a nice set of 10-spoke wheels. The wheels on the 911 R are just the right amount of flashy to be noticeable, but not take away from the rest of the car’s iconic and beautiful styling. The wheels work so well with the car and when you look at it next to older 911s just like the rest of the car you can almost see how the wheels have been refined and modernized, making on of the best looking cars on the road.

Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring

Mazda CX-5

You might scoff at a bargain-priced CUV being on this list with the likes of these high dollar sports cars, but the top-of-the-line Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring (base MSRP $28,220) model has some seriously good-looking wheels. The 19-ich alloy wheels help take the overall appearance of the CX-5 up a notch, and we wish those wheels were an option on all of Mazda’s offerings, the Mazda3 in particular.

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Volvo S60/V60 Polestar

Volvo Polestar wheels

The Polestar models of the S60 (base MSRP $59,300) and V60 (base MSRP $60,900) are the Volvos for people who care about performance as well as safety – a novel thought for most Volvo drivers. While both the S60 and V60 Polestar vehicles are packed with high-performance equipment, the 20-inch Polestar bespoke rims are probably the most eye-catching, other than the Rebel Blue paint job, of course.

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BMW M4 GTS wheels

The BMW M4 GTS (base MSRP $133,205) is the German coupe of our dreams. It features innovative technology that improves already stunning performance and devilish good looks, in part thanks to the 666M wheels that measure 19 inches up front and 20 inches in the rear. These Acid Orange, multi-spoke wheels add some contrast with the rest of the M4 GTS’s gray body paint and make this car really stick out on the road or track.

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Audi R8

Audi R8

The Audi R8 (base MSRP $162,900) is a mid-engined, German-engineered supercar that we’d love to drive but could probably never dream of owning due to its price tag. While the total car is breathtaking, the wheels especially are something to take a closer look at. The 20-inch 10-spoke-Y design wheels with a Titanium finish add to the R8’s appearance in a way that the 19-inch 5-double-spoke standard wheels just can’t. If you have the money to buy the R8 pay the extra dollars for the 10-spoke wheels. It’s worth it.