As the buzzards circle the Chevrolet SS, GM has an interesting and somewhat crazy idea: take the big 6.2-liter V8 in the car and supercharge it. While that’s not officially what’s going to happen with the sports sedan that’s nearing its impending doom, GM experts are pretty sure that’s what’ll happen before Chevy smites its Aussie-built sports sedan.

Chevy SS
We're going to be sad when the SS is officially gone from Chevy's lineup. 

Supercharging the V8 should give the already ridiculously powerful engine more juice and bump the horsepower rating up a bit. Probably somewhere around 580 hp. No word yet on if this will simply replace the naturally aspirated model or if it will be sold alongside it.

Chevrolet has plans to kill off SS production in Australia after the Holden Commodore, which the SS is based on, ceases to be made in 2017. GM plans to close its Australian division and that will kill off a number of models sold overseas and end the SS, which is one of the few vehicles made at that plant that comes to the States.

holden commodore
The SS is based on this car, the Holden Commodore. Pure awesomeness from down under.

While we’re pumped to see GM adding more hp to the car, there’s just something about a naturally aspirated V8 that is irreplaceable, and as impressive as we’re sure a supercharged model would be, if we were buying the SS, we’d probably go naturally aspirated. Still, if you chasing higher performance numbers, keep your eyes open for a supercharged SS.

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