If you're anything like us, the thought of purchasing your next car is thrilling but at the same time a bit harrowing. Sure, there are a handful we'd select right off the bat, but then there are a host of other questions that have to deal with budget, practicality, reliability, efficiency, etc. Hell, we haven't even gotten into paint colors yet. So, if you're on the quest to find your next new/used vehicle, we're here to help. Depending on reader response, we'll write a column on a semi-regular basis giving advice to a reader (chosen at random) to help guide them to the right car. 

car lot
We have good news for you. You don't have to do this all by yourself. 

If you're so driven, take the time to send us an email to editorial@web2carz.com with the following information:

  • What you're currently driving (if applicable, and including make/model/year)
  • What segment of vehicle you're looking for (SUV, sports car, minivan, sedan, etc.)
  • What your priorities are, in order (space, reliability, fuel economy, safety, cost, brand, etc.)
  • Whether you want new or used
  • What your budget is (total cost, as opposed to monthly payment)
  • Any other details/criteria you can provide (prefer American made, want big 2nd row, etc.)
  • The city where you live

We'll put our collective automotive heads together and come up with anywhere from 1-3 cars as our top recommendations, and we'll write up an article stating how we came up with the selection. We'll only list your first name for identity protection purposes and then include photos and details about our choice(s). 

Now, keep in mind that we're not magicians, so don't ask us to find you a high-performance sports car for $5,000. Be reasonable, as well as detailed, and we'll put our best foot forward. Who knows, this might be a win-win situation, where you get pointed to the car of your dreams, and we get to write an entertaining article.