Ford recently decided to cancel its Fiesta in the U.S. Unfortunately that means the fun-to-drive Fiesta ST will also disappear from the Blue Oval’s lineup. It’s a shame that the car won’t be sold in the States anymore. There are few hot hatches available from American companies, and the Fiesta ST was often thought of as one of the best sporty hatchbacks for the money.

Ford will sell its supply of 2017 models but will not bring a 2018 Fiesta to market in the U.S., according to Left Lane News. This means would-be Fiesta ST buyers will have to shop for their 197 hp and 202 lb-ft of torque Ford hot hatches on the used car market. With the cancellation of this model, one wonders if the prices for these cars will go up.

In the Short Term, No

2017 Ford Fiesta ST

As Doug DeMuro of Autotrader points out, there are plenty of Fiesta STs for sale right now. Just because the car was canceled doesn’t suddenly mean they’re scarce. They’re cheap, too, and don’t expect the prices to climb overnight. The Ford Fiesta ST will continue to depreciate like every other car on the road. For the next several years, you’ll be able to find these cars without issue, and that fact will keep their prices low.

The Speed Trap posits that instead of the car going up in value, it will become sought after by a certain crowd of people: entry-level tuners. The Fiesta ST will likely become something like early generation Subaru WRXs or the Honda CRX. These cars can still be found for very little money, are fairly highly sought after by enthusiasts, and fun-to-drive just like the Fiesta ST. The Fiesta ST is an affordable performance car, and it will likely stay that way for the foreseeable future.

In the Long Term, Maybe

2017 Ford Fiesta ST

It’s hard to tell what will happen with a certain model as it ages significantly. All those Fiesta STs out there that are being bought, sold, and driven right now won’t always be there. As time goes on and these cars become harder to find, the price could go up. We’re not saying it will skyrocket, but it could rise considerably after it bottoms out at a few thousand dollars.

Doug DeMuro points to the Peugeot 205 GTI as a car that is similar in some ways to the Ford Fiesta ST and has gone up in value. The Fiesta ST could follow that same route, but it would likely be decades in the future. Also, it won't demand a crazy high price at auction or on classic car lots. If we owned one of these cars we wouldn’t wait around for years to see if its value went up. Instead, we’d drive it, enjoy it, and when the time came, sell it for whatever Fiesta STs are going for at that time.

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