Now that things are starting to kinda, sorta, maybe get back to normal after COVID-19 swept the nation, some industries are showing an uptick. Of course, it'll be hard to quantify the wake of destruction to the American economy. Particularly hard hit was the automotive industry, but it has been showing signs of life. The impact on the use of public transportation also weighs heavily in the public sphere, but it may provide a bit of a boost for car manufacturers and dealerships.

public transportation covid19
You hated your commute, to begin with. The fear of COVID-19 makes it that much worse.

A new survey by BeenVerified shows that about 20 percent of new car shoppers have opted to buy them for work commutes. Furthermore, one in five of those buyers are intentionally purchasing a car to commute rather than returning to the uncertainty of public transportation due to the fear of Coronavirus transmission. If you look at the graph below (courtesy of, it shows the reasons why car shoppers are buying vehicles for work. 1,373 of those surveyed broke down into the following reason categories, having provided only a single answer. 

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The biggest percentage (39%) stated they needed a replacement vehicle; while at the other end about 4% of them were concerned about the Coronavirus. Keep in mind that 10% wanted to avoid public transportation, and 8% wanted to avoid ride-sharing, both of which might include health concerns that might have been COVID-19 related but did not specifically state them as such.

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You might be stuck in traffic, but at least you're by yourself.

It's obvious that the state of the nation and the mindset of its people have changed drastically after the COVID-19 pandemic. It's now affected more than the decline in automotive sales but also acted as an impetus to buy. The used car market has shown a significant increase in sales in the recent aftermath of the virus. As states continue to open up and loosen restrictions related to COVID-19, we may see a stronger resurgence in car sales, but only time will tell.