Some states have started implementing hands-free laws, meaning you can't drive with your phone in hand for any reason. In addition to the risk of getting a pricey ticket, it's also crucial for your safety to have both hands on the wheel while you drive. We can't all have the latest car tech, but you can still call hands-free with an easy upgrade. These 4 car Bluetooth speakers and transmitters provide an inexpensive fix to your car's lack of built-in Bluetooth. They are simple to set up and allow you to safely make hands-free calls or play music through your phone on your commute.

1. Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kit

yunjing car speaker

Some calls just can't be ignored, but if you don't have Bluetooth, you may be risking your life by holding onto your phone. The Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kit ($22) allows you to answer the calls you need to take and reject the ones you don't (sorry telemarketers). Plus, you can redial the last number called without taking your hands off the wheel. You can play your favorite Spotify playlist when the radio is just not cutting it, and the sound quality for calls and music will be crystal clear thanks to the echo and background noise cancellation. Just clip the Bluetooth car kit to your vehicle's sun visor, pair with your phone, and you're good to go. It turns on automatically with the vibration of your car door opening so you don't need to manually turn it on each time. 

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2. SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth Speakerphone 

supertooth buddy

Listening to your favorite podcast can be the best way to make your commute fly by, but if you don't have built-in Bluetooth in your car, you're stuck with whatever FM radio has to offer. The SuperTooth Buddy ($46) attaches to your car's visor and lets you take your podcasts, music and calls on the road without risking your safety. It gives you up to 20 hours of talk time on one charge and offers features like volume control, call waiting, and last call redial with voice recognition. The SuperTooth speaker will automatically pair with your phone when you get in your car so you can get on your way instead of reconnecting every time. 

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3. Anker SmartCharge Bluetooth Car Transmitter 

bluetooth charger for car

Some older cars are not only missing Bluetooth, but even an AUX port. All hope is not lost. The SmartCharge Bluetooth FM transmitter ($17) kills two birds with one stone by giving you the functionality of Bluetooth and 2 USB charging ports for your devices. Just plug the SmartCharge into your cigarette lighter, find an empty FM station, and it will transmit your music or phone calls over your car's sound system. Echo-cancellation reduces background noise so you can clearly hear your phone conversation instead of having to scream "what?!" after every word. 

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4. Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Transmitter

nuluxy car speaker

If you bought your car before Bluetooth was a standard feature, the Nulaxy car transmitter ($17) can save you from getting a costly ticket for being on your phone or even save your life. The Nulaxy's LCD screen lets you see information like phone calls, music, and even car battery voltage. Just plug it into the cigarette lighter, connect to your phone, and broadcast your music and calls through an empty FM station. To save yourself some time, look for vacant FM stations in your area before you set it up. When your phone's battery starts getting low, just plug it into the transmitter's USB port to charge it up and keep your music or podcast playing. 

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