As of 2018, every newly manufactured vehicle must have a backup camera as a standard feature. This requirement was championed by the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency to protect pedestrians, especially children, from getting hit by a vehicle as it is backing up. Backup cameras not only protect pedestrians, but they can also protect your vehicle from hitting other cars or objects in a crowded parking lot or tight garage. If you bought your car well before 2018 and missed out on having a standard backup camera, you can still protect your vehicle, pedestrians, and yourself with an aftermarket backup camera. These 5 options give you the safety features you want at a fraction of the price of buying a brand new car. 

1. LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor

leekooluu backup camera

If you bought your camera-less car just before the safety requirement went into effect or if your older used car still has years of life ahead, you don't have to trade it in just to get the added confidence of a backup camera. The LeeKooLuu backup car camera ($38) comes with everything you need to easily install a car backup camera yourself. A 4.3-inch LCD monitor can be mounted to your dash or to your windshield and rotated 360 degrees for the optimal view. The durable license plate mounted camera is waterproof and comes with LED lights for use day or night. This kit also gives you adjustable parking guidelines to help you back up into a tight spot.

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2. Xroose Wireless Backup Camera 

wireless backup camera

A backup car camera isn't just an extra safety measure for backing in and out of parking spots, it can also help with trailering. The Xroose wireless backup camera ($118) comes with a high-resolution 5-inch color LCD monitor, powered by an included cigarette lighter charger. The monitor offers a crystal clear view of what's behind you both day or night. Parking assist grids displayed on the monitor also help take the stress out of parking in tight spaces or parallel parking. The camera is mounted to your vehicle's license plate and is powered by the vehicle's reverse lights. This device can be used on nearly any vehicle including SUVs, trucks, or sedans. If you use your vehicle to tow, the backup camera can make hitching up your trailer safer and easier. 

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3. Auto-Vox Backup Camera Kit

auto vox camera

If you don't want to be distracted by an additional monitor as you're driving, the Auto-Vox T2 Backup Camera Kit ($140) uses a rearview mirror as a backup camera so it doesn't take up any extra space on your dash or windshield. You'll be able to see behind your vehicle through a 4.3-inch display screen that appears in the mirror. This kit provides a clear image and stable signal with the option for the camera function to turn on automatically when you put your vehicle in reverse. The waterproof camera won't fog up in bad weather and works in the dark thanks to 6 LED lights. This kit comes with 3 adapters that will fit most vehicle brands.

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4. Boscam Solar Wireless Backup Camera

solar wireless backup camera

The Boscam Solar wireless backup camera ($140) uses the power of the sun to help make your car safer. The wireless transmission of the camera means you won't need in-car wiring and the solar power capability replaces the need to connect to your reverse lights for power, making installation a hassle-free two-step process. Just attach the camera to the license plate and turn on the monitor with a remote control button to install. With just one hour of full sunlight per day, you won't need to charge the device for a full 180 days. However, if there is a stretch of time with no sun, you'll have the option to charge the camera with an included USB. 

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5. eRapta Car Backup Camera

erapta car backup camera

Is the used car you just bought lacking the fancy safety tech found in new cars today? A quality backup camera can come to the rescue and bring your car up to date. The eRapta backup car camera ($22) is an excellent and inexpensive option if you only need the license plate mounted camera without a monitor. It will connect to any camera-enabled vehicle stereo or RCA compatible monitor with simple to follow installation instructions. An ideal camera angle of 149 degrees allows you to safely back out of garage parking spots or your driveway with optional parking assist guidelines. 

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