Since Santa has 364 days off a year, he might want to play a little, too, so he might enjoy frolicking in the snow in something sporty.


veryone knows that Santa Claus drives a sleigh powered by eight flying reindeer, but jolly 'ol St. Nick needs something to drive on the 364 nights a year he isn't practicing sanctioned home invasion, right?

We think Santa would have a fleet of vehicles, since, well, he's Santa Claus. Due to the permanent winter conditions at the North Pole, we'd expect that fleet to to be mainly SUVs, but since Santa has 364 days off a year, he might want to play a little, too, so he might enjoy frolicking in the snow in something sporty. St. Nick will also need transport for his elves, and he also might want to invest in something that flies, so he can crisscross the North Pole even more quickly.

2013 Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG

Bearing in mind that Santa needs to carry presents from workshop to workshop, we think he'd be best served either rocking in a Cadillac Escalade or a Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG. We'd pick the Escalade because Santa deserves to travel in luxury in a nearly six-figure SUV, and because it makes a great date night car for fancy dinners with Ms. Claus. It's also sturdy enough to stand up to moose, and heated seats will help with the cold temps. Available all-wheel-drive will give Santa plenty control in snowy conditions. Should he desire something with similar luxury features and seating capacity, the GL63 AMG offers him 550 horsepower, which beats eight reindeer power.

Santa might also want some supercars to tool around in, and since he'll need all-wheel-drive in the snow, a Nissan GT-R or Audi R8 would look good under the official North Pole Christmas tree.

If Santa needs to fly (those reindeer only work one night per year), the Terrafugia Transition is the ride for him. Sure, the Transition is really a small plane that can be driven over land as opposed to a true flying car, but let's not quibble over semantics.Of course, Santa isn't above some holiday merriment, so we're going to add an SRT Viper to the fleet, since he can slide it around the snow, rally-car style. Santa probably enjoys powerslides as much as the rest of us.

Finally, Santa needs something to haul his little elves. Since there are many, a minivan won't work (despite the elves' diminutive size), so we’re going with either Mercedes' Sprinter van or the similar Nissan NV. Both have plenty of room for the happy little helpers, both can haul cargo (presents, toy-making tools, candy canes), and both are just as odd as a sleigh.