Although used cars are holding their value like never before, there are some great deals to be had on older makes and models. Although the mileage will typically be higher when buying a used car around $5000, filtering out unreliable makes and models, reading car history reports, and having long discussions with the previous owner will be crucial in knowing if the car is a good buy.

Coming up with a best used cars under $5,000 list is no easy task.  Consumers come in all varieties, as do their next used car requirements.  Some may emphasize reliability and fuel efficiency, some want power and fun, while others are looking for a deal on luxury and comfort.  Taking these prerequisites into account, we have taken the time to list the best used cars under $5,000 according to various vehicle classes.

Here are the best used vehicles under $5000*, also be sure to check out Best Used Cars Under $10,000 list!

2004 Ford Mustang Sporty Car – Used Ford Mustang under $5,000

Year/'s: 1998-2004
Expected Vehicle Mileage for Price Range 80,000 miles and Up
Pros: Power and Performance of GT models are sure to thrill. The ride is smooth and RWD handling is fun.
Cons: RWD Not a good vehicle for adverse road conditions, such as rain or snow

2002 Volkswagen GTI Compact Car – Used Volkswagen GTI under $5,000

Year/'s: 1998-2004
Expected Vehicle Mileage for Price Range 80,000 miles and Up
Pros: Sporty drive and compact size. Manual Transmission option enjoyable if you are looking for that.
Cons: Reliability subpar to comparable models in other classes, and repairs are slightly more costly.

2000 Toyota Camry Family Sedan – Used Toyota Camry under $5,000

Year/'s: 1998-2000
Expected Vehicle Mileage for Price Range 98,000 miles and Up
Pros: Brand reliability, low repair and ownership costs. Better fuel economy, and acceptable comfort for price point.
Cons: Performance inadequate for aggressive driving, interior component quality could be better.

1999 Toyota 4Runner SUV - Used Toyota 4Runner under $5,000

Year/'s: 1996-1999
Expected Vehicle Mileage for Price Range 190,000 miles and Up
Pros: Reliability, power,  and tow capacity noteworthy. 4-cylinder models have MPG of 19 city/23 highway.
Cons: Interior design and component quality subpar compared to other models in its class.

2000 Honda Odyssey VAN - Used Honda Odyssey under $5,000

Year/'s: 1998-2000
Expected Vehicle Mileage for Price Range 110,000 miles and Up
Pros: As in other imports, reliability and ownership costs are attractive. Fuel efficiency and passenger room is also a highlight.
Cons: Subpar interior refinement for a vehicle made to bus around passengers.

2001 Ford Ranger Light Truck - Used Ford Ranger under $5,000

Year/'s: 1998-2003
Expected Vehicle Mileage for Price Range 73,000 miles and Up
Pros: Wide variety of models to choose based on power and accessory needs. Unique drivability, handles more like an SUV.  Decent fuel economy with 4-cylinder models.
Cons: Inadequate towing capacity for heavy loads.  2WD rear-wheel drive models require a bed weigh-down in adverse driving conditions.

2001 Chevrolet Silverado HeavyTruck - Used Chevy Silverado under $5,000

Year/'s: 1998-2001
Expected Vehicle Mileage for Price Range 120,000 miles and Up
Pros: WPower and tow capacity impressive. Large 8 foot bed optional on some models.
Cons: Fuel efficiency in V-8 models, but a given with a large truck.  Interior refinement just under competitors in heavy truck class.

* prices of all used cars listed above CAN and will fluctuate depending on a myriad of variables such as mileage, year, condition and market. This year for instance, all markets have seen a considerable rise in used car prices. Although we have located used vehicles for sale listed below under $5,000, this may not be the case for everyone. Please use common sense when referring to these vehicles, and remember they are by no means a standard. Thank you.