If vehicles had emotions, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Extreme Concept is one you wouldn’t want to make angry. Its hulk-like and totally ridiculous green vinyl wrap is scary enough to make small children reach for their mothers. We got up close and personal with it at the Chicago Auto Show this week. The Sprinter Extreme looks downright badass and is our vehicle of choice for when the world ends.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter extreme

Mercedes paired up with some tuners from Renntech to create this monster. Basically, they turned the venerable Sprinter van into the ultimate apocalypse truck. In addition to its outlandish vinyl wrap, the Sprinter Extreme Concept features a roof rack with six spotlights, off-road tires, a winch, off-road suspension, and a special dump truck bed that can disperse its load (up to 5,200 lbs) to either the rear or the side.

sprinter extreme concept

Under the hood is the standard 2.1-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine. While we know this engine has a reputation for its bulletproof quality, we were kind of hoping the concept’s bite was as extreme as its bark. Still, the truck doesn’t disappoint. The more you look at it the more subtle tweaks and design embellishments you notice. The attention to detail on this machine makes for one heck of an imposing truck. 

sprinter Extreme concept