Courtesy of our colleagues at Autoblog, we offer up a 4th of July video that's worth its weight in gold. If you thought your backyard Independence Day festivities were something to talk about, think again. The folks in Glacier View, Alaska had something far more dramatic, far more awesome than anything you could come up with... launching beaters off a cliff while eating over 500 pounds of pork, chicken, and beef. Life doesn't get any better than this, unless of course you could somehow rig each car with a load of dynamite. Nevertheless, the sight is one to behold. 

The footage is from the Alaska Dispatch News to cover the annual event at Glacier View, about 100 miles northeast of Anchorage. Since 1996, locals have been doing this, and it looks to continue given the size of the festivities -- over 500 people this year. Four cars were launched, albeit one unsuccessfully but still not without drama.

Check out the video: