We don't care how old you are, LEGOs are cool. Sure, all the newfangled Star Wars and Harry Potter stuff is nice, but our hearts are with the meticulously made car offerings LEGO has to offer these days. Not only are they a blast to put together (and take some degree of skill, mind you), they're hugely fun to play with and have numerous working parts (but not like this). It's hard to choose from all their great vehicles, but we've selected five we think any you would love, ranging from sports cars to big rigs and even one vintage car that will bring back memories.

Ferrari F40


The legendary F40 is an automotive icon the likes of which we'll probably never see again. LEGO captured this twin-turbo legend in beautiful form, and it'll be sure to get every car-lovin' tyke's blood pumping (even though he'll have to create his/her own engine sounds). It comes in one color (Ferrari red, of course) and has features like side air intakes, pop-up headlights, opening doors, a tool kit, and a vented rear hatch with prop rod that opens to show off the twin-turbocharged, 90-degree V8 engine. Now, where to find that miniature racetrack!

Buy Now: $100

Volkswagen Beetle


If you miss the old days when you took your VW Bug to the beach, you can travel back in small form with this blue Bettle that's actually labeled a LEGO Creator Expert replica. This beach-ready version comes in a gorgeous azure-blue color scheme and comes fully outfitted with signature Beetle curved fenders, white rims and hubcaps, spare tire, rear mounted 4-cylinder engine, round headlights and fender-mounted turn signals. Even the roof comes off and the rear seat tilts to show off a storage section with a beach towel. Surfboard and cooler included as part of the 1,000 piece car.

Buy Now: $100

Porsche 24 Hours Race Car

porsche le mans

Porsche dominated the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and this LEGO racer is a replica of that race car. Carefully designed with very impressive levels of detail, this green, white and black racer comes with a highly detailed V8 engine with moving pistons, functional gull-wing doors, independent suspension, operational front steering and a real opening trunk in front. Hell, you can even upgrade with LEGO Power Functions to turn on the headlights and motorize the doors and the engine cover. They just can't put you on the winners' podium, is all.  

Buy Now: $130

Race Truck

race truck

Who says only race cars are cool? What about a high-powered big rig that'll scare the crap out of smaller fare? This racing semi is ready for high-velocity with its V8 engine with moving pistons, massive fascia and bumper, working front steering and opening doors. Fuel tanks, hoses and a bold racing paint scheme round out the features that make this LEGO vehicle king of the road.

Buy Now: $70

 Mercedes-Benz AROCS 3245


We've saved the biggest for last, and boy is it worth it. This AROCS is festooned with functionality that will keep you busy (or away from work) all day long. Not only is it huge (21 inches long, 12 inches high), it boasts features like a LEGO Power Functions motor that powers the advanced pneumatic system, giving you control of the crane arm, grabber and outriggers that stabilize and raise and lower the tipper. It also comes with twin axle steering, double differential drive, fully independent suspension, tilting and opening cab, detailed V6 engine with moving pistons, opening tailgate, and the crane arm that extends 29 inches into the air. Time to start moving some stuff around the house. 

Buy Now: $229