Not all of us can afford brand new cars with heated first row (and even second row in some cases) seats. In fact, most cars on the road today are an average of eleven years old, so even if we spent a fair amount on a new car, chances are they didn't come standard with seat heaters since they were over a decade old. Aftermarket heated seat cushions are typically lousy and have two settings, at best. Plus, they tend to be bulky, making an otherwise comfortable car seat tough to sit in for long periods of time. 

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Aftermarket heated seat cushions, for the most part, attach to the seat via elastic straps that never seem to work well and lose their elasticity over time. They also tend to slip, which can make driving dangerous during emergency situations. But if you live in colder climes like we do, heated seats are almost a necessity, especially when it goes subzero outside. The Kingleting heated seat cushion is thin, attaches securely with buckles instead of elastic straps and has a high degree of adjustability for ideal comfort. 

Here are the details on this affordable and well-designed heated seat cushion:

  • Power comes from your car's 12v DC outlet, available on pretty much every car.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control makes it possible to adjust from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees with increments of 37 degrees. Warmth arrives in less than two minutes.
  • The seat cushion has a thin profile for ideal comfort, preventing too much deviation from your car seat's original shape and contour. It's also narrower than most aftermarket seat heaters, allowing it to fit well between the side bolsters of the front seats. It provides heat where it's needed most. 
  • The cushion attaches at the base of your car's headrest with a secure buckle and with a hook underneath the seat front. It should fit most cars and SUVs without a problem. 
  • It has timing power protection, and you can set 1 to 12 hours with automatic shut-off, so your car's battery doesn't get drained.
  • The internal wire harness resists freezing, so the cushion always stays flexible. Also, if you're concerned about safety, there's a shutdown feature in case the cushion gets too hot. 

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