There are plenty of radically styled cars on the market, and automakers are constantly vying for attention with flair. Just take a look at the new Honda Civic with its multiple creases and dramatic bracket-style taillights. Then there's the Nissan Murano crossover. It has more lines than a geometry class and looks downright futuristic as a result. 

Plus, there are so many styling elements on cars today that push the envelope in bad ways. Faux fender vents, floating roofs, etc. Sure, they add drama, but mostly in poorly-executed ways. It's cars that are styled simply that hold up well over time since trends change every year in the car industry, or at least it seems that frequent. Look at the original Porsche 911 or the BMW E39 5-Series. These cars still look great today and for good reason. They were well-styled and far from being overwrought. They are and will remain classics. We've chosen five modern cars that we find well-styled, ones that are simple enough to look good for a long time to come. 

2017 Volkswagen Passat


Many critics have called the Passat boring, but we're huge fans of the understated yet handsome styling. Compare it to the last-generation car, and you'll see how much better-looking the current Passat really is. The crisp hood lines, the wide grille and headlights give the car a more premium look that some of its competitors. There's nothing really trendy on the car at all, which should give this a long shelf life (visually speaking). 

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2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

c class

The C-Class Coupe might just trump every other Mercedes-Benz vehicle in terms of looks (except for the AMG GT, of course). The profile is clean and elegant but maintains an air of muscularity that gives attitude without detracting from its simplicity. We love it more than the sedan, and in coupe form, you look way less pretentious than in the Cabriolet version. 

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2017 Cadillac ATS Coupe


So the ATS doesn't sell well, we still adore it, especially in two-door format. The only dramatic aspect on the are those tapering headlights, but the rest of it is styled simply and cleanly, just the way we like it. We're also glad Caddy didn't copy BMW's Hofmeister Kink in the rear window and just left a neat, pointed taper. 

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2017 Mazda6


Okay, so this might not be considered a clean, classic design, but it's far from being cluttered. The 6, in fact, looks better than every one of its mid-sized family sedan competitors thanks to a lean, athletic look and well-placed lines and contours all over the vehicle. In case you were wondering how well good design lasts, the 6 has already been out for a few years but still look fresh. 

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2017 Ford Fusion


Ford recently refreshed their Fusion but only in small ways. In fact, the car didn't need much change at all since it everything about the car looked great, from the Aston Martin-like grille to the sloped greenhouse and the crisp character line along the length of the body. This was the family sedan that's responsible for stepping up the style quotient for family sedans, and everyone else is following suit. 

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