For those of you who love Christmas (and we count ourselves among you), there's nothing like a real pine tree in the house. The look, the smell, the festiveness are second to none. But then there's the part where you have to get the 6-footer home, and you may not have a pickup truck or SUV to manage the load.

So, what does a person do if the only transportation you have is a slick sports car? Well, first you get a tarp and some seriously good bungies, and then you commit to the task. We've assembled a gallery of joyful and car-loving drivers who won't let a fancy paint job and a small roof get in the way of the Christmas spirit.

This Porsche 356 with a tree on top is great, but it's that much better when you notice the lights.
giulia tree
A vintage Alfa Romeo Giulia gets festive. 
911 tree
Man, do these Porsche drivers love the holidays.
ferrari tree
This Ferrari 250 SWB might just be the ultimate tree hauler. Who let the dogs in, though?
wrx tree
This WRX STI at least leans on the more pragmatic side of sports cars. The carrier helps, too.
ferrari wagon tree
Wait. Hold it. Now, we have the ultimate Ferrari tree hauler. The rare 250 GT SWB Breadvan. Oh, man.