Green cars are all the rage these days, at least in terms of environmental ones. But this holiday seasons, our eyes are set on the right kind of green cars... the ones that are a festive hue that wouldn't look out of place at a swanky Christmas party. So, to tickle both your holiday and your automotive fancy, we've put together a gallery of green cars that will have you smiling on this Christmas Eve. Just don't start thinking that you're gonna get one of these as a gift, unless it's a model you have to glue. 

green miura
Who are we kidding? We'd take the iconic Lamborghini Miura in pretty much any color.
green camaro
We're not in love with the last-gen Camaro (except for the Z/28), but this on in Synergy Green is nice.
green vulcan
The track-only Aston Martin Vulcan is a monster of a car that deserves a monster color. 
green chiron
We doubt this is a standard color on a Bugatti Chiron, but if you have the dough...
green singer porsche
Singer Vehicle Design did the right thing in giving its vintage 911 the green treatment.
green gtr
Godzilla only looks proper in green. The Nissan GT-R is a true beast of the street.
green p1
Sure, the McLaren P1 hypercar is a hybrid, but who cares? It's our kind of green. 
green range rover sport
With the black roof, this Range Rover Sport actually looks pretty sophisticated. 
green targa
And probably our favorite green car. A pristine vintage 1973 Porsche 911 Targa. Ho, ho, ho!