Way back in 1976, the Lancia Stratos won its final WRC championship. The short, wedge-shaped car was a commanding vehicle in rally racing for a number of years thanks to its power-to-weight ratio, excellent balance, and balletic handling... and it’s still a force to be reckoned with even today. To commemorate the car’s wins, and pay tribute to the amazing model, 40 of the legendary cars and their owners met in Biella, Italy. Once there, the cars took to some of the same roads that the Stratos became famous for dominating back in the '70s.

The folks at Praemio took in all that there was to see and recorded everything in a video that’s sure to delight anyone who watches it. The video captures the event perfectly, and the interview with Stratos owner and Zenith sponsored racer, Erik Comas, is the icing on this exceptionally beautiful cake.