Every year, we get excited about the Detroit Auto Show. It's the home of the big three, the hub of American automotive manufacturing and one of the biggest car shows in the nation. Though the atmosphere is changing with some manufacturers bowing out, the North American International Auto Show is still one of the best venues to see what's coming down the automotive pipeline. This year should prove no different. 

The Detroit Auto Show is just around the corner, and these are ten of the releases we're excited about, covering nearly the whole range of automotive segments. It looks like most, if not all of these, will see production, and that looks to be a very good thing.

Audi Q8


Audi's biggest SUV yet might just be its raciest. Based on the initial renderings of the three-row SUV, it will showcase new styling that will take Audi to the next generation of its design language. We might even see an electric version show up. Plug-in power to the people.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1


The Corvette C7 has proved to be the best 'Vette yet, and now Chevy sees fit to let it go with the ultimate swan song in the form of the ZR1. It looks like the beastly 'Vette will have over 700 horsepower from a supercharged and intercooled LT4 small-block V-8 mated to either a Tremec seven-speed manual or GM's 10-speed automatic. Whichever you choose, the thing'll be one hell of a land-based rocketship.

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Honda Odyssey


Honda might be late to the new minivan game (the Pacifica, Sienna and Sedona are all newer), but better late than never. The new Odyssey has been much-awaited, and based on the drawings we've seen, it should be the best looking Odyssey ever. What's under the hood, what tech and family-friendly features lay within, and how many wheels are powered remains in question. 

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Infiniti QX50


So, Infiniti may have pulled the veil off their new crossover a bit early (and the results are stunning), but it's what you can't see that is the big news. They've got a new engine to show off, and by all accounts, it's going to be both potent and very efficient. Now, can Infiniti make the hulking QX80 look better? 

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Kia GT

kia gt

Kia's awesome GT4 Stinger Concept from way back in 2013 isn't going to make it to reality, but the good news is that Kia wants to take some of those ideas and build a premium sports sedan known as the GT. It's only in concept form here, but word is that the new racy sedan will have the Audi A7 in its sights. The slick greenhouse and the purported twin-turbo V6 engine should do the trick. 

Lexus LS


Oh, how the current Lexus LS bores us to tears. Not only is it too sleepy to drive, it also looks like those cars used in cheap sci-fi movies that have weird body cladding on them to look futuristic. It's like the spindle grille is new, and the rest of the car is old. The next gen LS should be far more attractive, luxurious and versatile in power. Lexus’s 5.0-liter V8 will likely get shoehorned into the LS500 version, possibly alongside the 3.5-liter V6 and electric motor found in the new LC 500h halo car. 

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

eclass coupe

Just when you thought all of the current Mercs were pretty easy on the eyes, in comes the E-Class Coupe. It's bigger, sexier and all-around better than the car it replaces, eschewing some of the current lineups creases for smoothness, especially along the profile. The engines will only be V6s in both the E400 and the high-powered twin-turbo AMG version. 

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Toyota Camry


No one will accuse the Camry of being a good looking car. No one with decent vision, anyway. The next-gen Camry should change all that. Though we don't have any real shots of what it will look like (the one above is a vision of what it could look like, but we're seriously hoping against it), the teaser of the taillight that showed up on the internet means that Toyota is going to take bigger risks with the styling. We only hope they've paid attention to the driving dynamics, as well.

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