The 21st Century is proving to be a great one for car design. New styling elements and ideas make for daring efforts that rarely result in ugly cars. It's not like decades ago when we had fuglys like the Nissan Pulsar NX, Pontiac Aztek, Renault Fuego, Ford Tempo and the Chevy Citation. But that also doesn't mean that all the ugly cars are gone. Now that 2017 has kicked off, we take a look at the worst ones that are still on dealer lots and, sadly, still driving around on the open road for everyone to gawk at.

Nissan Maxima


We know there are a lot of Maxima ($32,610 base MSRP) fans out there. You think the car is racy, aggressive and futuristic. Well, it's at least daring in its attempt to capture all of those, but we think the result is just a big freakin' mess. Too many lines and creases make it look overwrought and fussy, like an origami on steroids. We miss the old one, badly. 

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Fiat 500L


We've never extolled the virtues of the 500L ($19,495 base MSRP). In fact, we pretty much trash it at every opportunity. First of all, it's awful to look at and goes against the whole idea of the compact Fiat 500. Small wheels on a long wagon with a tiny hood don't make for a pageant winner. The fact that the inside sucks, too, is crap icing on a poo cake. 

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BMW i3


Sure, the i3 ($43,600 base MSRP) is fun to drive and gorgeous inside, and it's pretty efficient, too. But why on earth does it have to look like a futuristic piggy bank? The rear side window lower cutout ruins the car even more. You'd think a BMW would look way better than this, but it doesn't. Let's hope the redesign makes up for this mess.

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Chrysler 200


Chrysler had a chance to improve the looks of the 200 ($22,115 base MSRP) when it tossed the last bland one away in the trash. Well, it wasted that chance. The result was a car that looked like a catfish on wheels. The front end made it look mopey, and the bland shape was nothing to write home about. It's no wonder FCA will end production in the near future. 

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Lincoln MKT


A hybrid of an MKX and a hearse, the MKT ($43,370 base MSRP) is just bad to look at. It's loved by limo drivers who enjoy the tall riding position and the roomy cargo section, but the bulging rear end and the wide-banded taillight make the MKT look all wrong. We hate this terrible replacement for the Town Car, and retirees everywhere are still weeping in their Metamucil. 

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Nissan Versa

nissan versa

Does America's cheapest car have to look so bad? The combination of the Versa's ($11,990 base MSRP) oversized headlights and small wheels make it look like Rosie O'Donnell wearing giant sunglasses while standing in stiletto heels. Nothing about that is good. It's one of those cars you have to buy because it's the only one you can afford, while apparently causing you to lose friends at the same time since no one wants to ride shotgun.

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BMW 5-Series GT

5gt hatch

Yes, not only Nissan has two losers on this list. The venerable Munich luxury brand still sells the swollen 5-Series GT ($63,200 base MSRP), the nightmarish replacement for the long-gone and very sexy 5-Series Wagon. GT sales are sad, as are the pathetic people who buy it, thinking they've got themselves a sophisticated German ride when they've actually just paid premium prices for minivan that's been stung by bees and then run over by a steamroller. 

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