Every auto show we attend, there are a handful of cars that aren't production cars, nor are they really concept cars (okay, maybe one of them). They're present as eye candy, and they get plenty of attention from the media and the general public. We've gathererd a handful of our favorites, both cool and a bit weird. Unfortunately, you'll never be able to get your mitts on these because they're not for general automotive consumption. Each one of them is interesting in its own way. Our favorite one actually has no engine and shows up in a new LEGO movie.

"The Speedwagon" LEGO Batmobile


From the LEGO Batman movie, a full-sized version of the LEGO Batmobile. No motor, no rubber tires but every bit as awesome as Batman would have it. 

Nissan NV Cargo X

nissan nv cargo x

This bad boy makes us lust after commercial vehicles like never before. Huge 4x4 capabilities, functional winch, rad paint job, enough clearance to go bouldering, and room for plenty of Amazon Prime boxes.

Toyota FCV Plus

fcv plus

No one will ever accuse the FCV Plus hydrogen-powered car of being beautiful, but the radical looking car has a huge greenhouse, insane visibility and when stationary, the car can be fed hydrogen, and it can generate electricity that can be extended for non-automotive uses. It's a weird looking but efficient picture of the future.

Lexus Sriracha IS

sriracha IS

One of the funniest cars we've ever seen, the Sriracha IS is inspired by the trendy hot sauce. Hued like the sauce, itself, the seats have embroidered roosters on them, the trunk is filled with a crap ton of sauce bottles, and one of the driving modes is actually "Sriracha", which replaces the rather boring sounding "Sport" mode.

Acura NSX GT3


Super light weight for speed and endurance racing and powered by a twin-turbo V6 without the electric motors. Oh, and that hang glider-sized rear wing.

Nissan Rogue Star Wars

nissan rogue star wars

We don't even know where to begin with this one. Battle-scarred paint job, X-Wing Fighter engines and cannons and a droid (or at least a droid head). We doubt there's a hyperspace function.

The State Farm Roadhouse

state farm

This monstrosity was sitting there as an exhibit for State Farm Insurance. It's like a real mobile home on wheels, and it even has its own front steps. Does your truck have that?