Overpriced dinner, a dozen roses, a box of chocolates, lame card with someone else's words in it. Trite and overrated. It's hard to imagine anything less original for your beloved on Valentine's Day. Oh hell, who are we kidding? Valentine's Day is trite. But when you bring automobiles into the mix, everything changes, and we're not talking about falling in love with a sexy red convertible. Today, for Valentine's Day, we're focusing on romantic interludes in, where else? A comfy back seat. Here are seven great ways to get closer to the one you love that range from the utterly opulent to the downright spacious. 

Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman


Who cares if this 6,393-pound rolling boardroom can launch to 60 mph in 6 seconds? Well, we do, of course. But what's more important to a romantic (and affluent) couple on Valentine's day is the truly decadent rear passenger compartment, which boasts massaging seats, full multimedia suite, massive amounts of legroom and those all-important privacy curtains. Ohhhh.

BMW 750Li xDrive


You don't have to drop $192K on a car (like the Pullman above) to get read leather and wood decadence. The BMW 750Li xDrive provides beautiful seats, climate controls, seat reclining, enough legroom for an NBA player and personal touchscreen tablets to keep you entertained in case your physical advances go kaput midstream. 

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Bentley Bentayga


No one does interiors quite the way Bentley does, and that's clearly the case in the new Bentayga luxury SUV. The diamond-quilted seats, fine wood trim, the huge head and leg room, as well as the personal entertainment screens ensure that you won't lack for anything. The flat bench seats also ensure that your romantic moves won't be impeded by bulging contours digging into your (or your significant other's) back. 

Audi A8L

audi a8l

Audi's flagship sedan has moved up in power and luxury over the years and in long wheelbase form, it's positively cavernous in the back seat. The gorgeous stitched leather seats provide plenty of support for your back and your backside. Whatever situation you find yourself in, space and comfort abound. 

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Telsa Model S

tesla model s

The Telsa Model S is known for many things. Sexy design, supreme efficiency, supercar acceleration and a massive tablet, but no one talks about the back seat. With plenty of room for three occupants across the flat cushion and seat backs. Even more important, however, is the voluminous space for two people who really like each other.

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Chevrolet Impala


So, the Chevy Impala is probably the car you ended up with after multiple Valentine's Day encounters over the years (aka, a big family), but don't discount its romantic utility. The unique back seat isn't just one of the biggest in the industry, it also delivers a totally fold flat section that transforms into a horizontal surface and some much-needed shoulder room.

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Chrysler Pacifica


If you and your special someone are the types who crave room for amorous gymnastics, look no further than the new Chrysler Pacifica. Their Stow 'n Go seats fold completely into the floor, giving you airplane hangar-like space equating to a shocking 140.5 cubic feet. With this kind of stretching room for Valentine's Day affection, you will surely create a memory. 

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