In older model cars, you often don’t have the phone connectivity options that many people are accustomed to today. However, just because your car isn’t equipped with that technology, doesn’t mean you’ve missed out entirely on making hands-free calls with your phone. The Supertooth Buddy Bluetooth Visor Speakerphone allows you to bring your car into the new age.

Supertooth Buddy

The speakerphone attaches right to the visor of your car and connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, letting you make calls without having to worry about holding your phone to your ear. The Supertooth Buddy speakerphone is a slim and attractive piece of equipment that doesn’t get in the way while driving, meaning you don’t have to fuss with your phone or some bulky item. All you do is clip it to your visor, connect your phone and you’re ready to make calls.

Here are some additional details for the device:

  • Two phones can be paired at the same time, but only one can operate at any one time.
  • Once you pair your phone to the device it will automatically connect.
  • Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 20 hours when talking or 1000 hours in standby mode.
  • On-device features include last call redial and reject incoming call.
  • If your phone supports it, you can do voice recognition dialing, meaning you won’t even have to touch your phone to make a call.

bluetooth speakerphone

Buy Now: $45