We love what Lexus is doing, and it seems they're on a roll in re-branding themselves as something more enthusiast-oriented and a bit less geared toward retirees, thank goodness. All this is evidenced by their latest models that include the IS, NX, RX, LC and new, upcoming and very attractive LS flagship. It's that last model that is leading to the probable axing of the GS sedan line, we're sad to say. 


Yes, folks. That means that even the wickedly awesome GS F sports sedan with its 467 horsepower from its naturally-aspirated V8 might be on the way out. According to the LexusEnthusiast.com, the GS might leave forever after the current generation. They refer to the Japanese magazine MAG-X, that Lexus will look to eliminate the GS because the new LS flagship that will sell as a 2018 model will house a V6 engine, just like the GS. This means that after four generations of the GS, the badge will be no more. 

The current GS line consists of not just the powerful GS F but also the GS Turbo, GS Turbo F Sport, GS 350, GS 350 F Sport, GS 450 and the GS 450h. All of them have been well-reviewed and toe the line well between sport and luxury. It just seems like redundancy to Lexus, apparently, and they don't want to cannibalize sales from the new LS flagship that will all new levels of technology, luxury, efficiency, and power. 

Lexus can't have the GS cannibalize sales from the new and fetching LS flagship coming in 2018.

The quote from the magazine states: "As we have reported, next-gen LS has its engine down-sized; the V8 engine to the V6 engine. This means that both the LS and the GS have V6 engine, which causes product overlap in the Lexus’ own lineup. So TMC decided to kick the GS out of the lineup and to fulfill the demand of the customer looking for a large sedan with the LS alone."

It's sad to see that the wonderful GS might actually leave us forever, but with the diminishing sedan market and the overlap between the GS and the next LS, we're not all that surprised. Just get us a hankie.

gs f spor t interior

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