It's a task many car owners dread and often avoid, not because they don't like the results but because getting there can be a major hurdle. Most paste car waxes require a tremendous amount of attention and arm strength, and then there's the dreaded sunlight issue that can ruin your car's paint job forever if you're not careful. 

But so much has changed over the years when it comes to car wax products. There are now polymers and liquid based waxes that are much less rigorous to apply and remove. Here are five waxes that will make this summer much more enjoyable by giving you time and freeing up those deltoids. 

TriNova Liquid Carnauba Car Wax


TriNova actually uses real carnauba wax in its polymer blended liquid. Polymer protects the paint, while the Carnauba enhances your car's shine. TriNova is so easy to apply that no random orbital motion buffer is needed, just a wax applicator. Then, you can simply wipe it off with a clean, microfiber cloth and the rest is history. 

Buy Now: $14  

Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax


Meguiar's reputation for car care needs no introduction. They're really at the cutting edge of car care tech, and if you've used their products, you know how good they are. Their Ultimate Liquid Wax uses Meguiar's ThinFilm technology to create a pure synthetic wax that leaves no white residue on plastic and rubber and can be used in direct sunlight. It takes the fear and the work out of the entire process.

Buy Now: $17

Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish

nu finish

Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish has been around for decades, and it's no joke (in spite of the TV commercials that have been around just as long). There's zero wax in the formula, and it delivers high levels of protection, durability, and reflective gloss. Application only requires a damp microfiber cloth, and removal is just as easy. Just wipe without any real buffing after letting the product dry. Nu Finish can also be used in direct sunlight and on glass, metal, and plastic for additional protection. What's more, it's the least expensive in this bunch.

Buy Now: $7

Turtle Wax Ice Spray Wax

turtle wax ice

When you hear the name Turtle Wax, you might think their products are primitive and antiquated. Wrong. Their new ICE line shows the car care industry that they mean business. Their Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax is designed to be used on all exterior surfaces including glass, plastic, and rubber. Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax contains UV protection to help prevent your paint from fading, and it also protects your wheels and glass. More durable than conventional wax, ICE Spray Wax has a unique polymer chemistry that allows it to last and retain beading properties longer. 

Buy Now: $8 

Klasse All-In-One


Klasse is one product you probably never heard of. It's well known in car enthusiast circles, and it's been on the market since way back in the '70s, so you know it works. Not a polymer or a wax, Klasse All-In-One is acrylic-based and doesn't penetrate the paint but forms a glossy, protective barrier. It can be applied in direct sunlight and requires almost no work throughout the entire process. A quarter-sized dollop can cover a large portion of your car, so the somewhat pricey product can last for years. 

Buy Now: $17