Waxing or polishing your car is a great way to preserve or even repair the paint on your vehicle. With the right polishing compound, you can ensure that your car will continue looking great for years to come. While you don’t need to wax your vehicle that often, if you do it about every six months, as many professionals suggest, you may want to invest in a power random orbital motion buffer machine. This tool makes keeping your car shiny and clean easy by reducing the amount of work you’ll need to do by hand.

A power buffer machine spins at a high rate of speed to polish and buff your car’s painted surfaces. Without it, you’d have to do all that work by hand. It can be done that way, but if you don’t want to wear out your arms, a power buffer tool is something you’re going to want to have in your garage. We’ve pulled together a short list of random orbital motion buffers that you may want to consider.

Kawasaki Random Orbit Buffer/Polisher


This 6-inch random orbital buffer and polisher machine made by Kawasaki makes keeping your vehicle looking its best easy. It includes an ergonomically designed handle, features direct drive for reduced vibration fatigue, and only weighs about three pounds. This means you should have no trouble maneuvering it around the body of your car. Included with the Kawasaki buffer machine is an application bonnet and a polishing bonnet.

Buy Now: $30

Peak PKC0VB Waxer/Polisher


If the 6-inch Kawasaki buffer polisher seems a little too small, consider the Peak PKC0VB Buffer and Polisher. The Peak tool features a 10-inch polishing pad and a permanent magnet motor that can turn up to 3,000 RPM very quietly. The two comfortable hand grips ensure that this machine won’t get away from you as you shine up your ride. Included with the Peak tool is one applicator bonnet and one polishing bonnet.

Buy Now: $39

TuTu Garage Dual Head Polisher and Buffer


If you’re looking for a truly professional touch when it comes to polishing your car, the TuTu Garage Dual Head Polisher and Buffer machine is exactly what you need. The three Amp motor spins both the 4-inch buffer pad at the same speed and the six variable speeds for the unit range from 1,600 RPM to 3,500 RPM. This allows you to start out slow and speed up as needed to really spread out the waxing compound and make your car shine. This particular set comes with everything you need, including two four-inch backing pads, two woolen pads, and two sponge pads.

Buy Now: $70