Front-wheel drive certainly has its merits. With it, you can easily avoid oversteer, generally get better gas mileage, get traction on a slippery road thanks to the position of the weight of the engine, and the powertrain takes up less space overall. However, you lose a number of things when you go with front-wheel drive. Weight distribution is different and often unbalanced, the center of gravity is often not as good as in a rear-drive car, torque steer can be evident, and weight shifts incorrectly over the drive wheels during heavy acceleration.

Rear-wheel drive makes sense for sports cars for all the reasons listed above.. Sports cars need to be balanced and many practiced performance drivers love oversteer. Rear-wheel drive has its merits for sports cars, but those merits can apply to non-sports cars. Just because you drive a practical sedan doesn’t mean you should have to go with a soul-sucking, torque steering, understeering, front-wheel-drive car. Rear-wheel drive is suitable for everyday driving, and we wish it was featured on more commonly purchased cars. Here are five cars we’d love to see with power going to the rear wheels.



Mazda makes some of the best driving cars in the industry. The Mazda6 is no different. It’s a fantastic- to-drive sedan that offers plenty of room, tech, comfort, and cargo space. It also can be had with a manual transmission, which is rare these days. The only thing that’s missing from its equation is rear-wheel drive. Sure, Mazda has found ways to work wonders with its front-wheel-drive cars, but if the Mazda6 were rear-wheel drive, we’d love it even more. Also, with the company’s aspirations to become a premium automaker, we feel a rear-wheel-drive sedan is needed to compete with the other luxury rear-drive cars out there.

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Buick Regal


Buick has a new Regal for 2018. It looks fantastic, and it is offered as a wagon and in a sporty GS trim level. While you can get all-wheel drive, what we’d really like to see, and what would really bring the Buick back to being awesome, is if the company offered the Regal with rear-wheel drive. The car used to be. Unfortunately, it was switched to front-wheel drive in the 1980s. We find it interesting that after that switch, Buick slowly became the brand known for selling cars old people love. It was and has been the brand that makes boring and soft cars. At one time, though, Buick was exciting. The brand has taken steps recently to revitalize its image, but what would really do it, is bringing the Regal back to a rear-wheel-drive platform. Buick, do you really want to make your brand interesting again? Make the Regal rear-wheel drive and drop a powerful turbo V6 under the hood.

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Chevrolet Impala


The Impala is another model that used to be rear wheel drive. We get that the Impala’s modern use is as a rental and family car, but it still seems wrong to have a front-wheel drive Impala. It always has since General Motors revived the nameplate in the early 2000s. Now, that’s not to say the current Impala isn’t good. It’s one of the best models to ever bare the Impala name. However, we’d love to see a performance version of the car with rear-wheel drive. Give us the Impala SS sedan that shreds tires with ease. With the proper marketing and the Impala’s well-known name, it could do what the now deceased Chevrolet SS sports sedan never did, sell well. It could even pull significant sales from the Dodge Charger.

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Acura RLX


The RLX, Acura’s flagship sedan, has been redesigned for the 2018 model year. It has a striking new look, a powerful V6, and an interesting NSX-inspired sporty hybrid trim as well. You can get it with front or all-wheel drive, but you know what would make this car better? Rear-wheel drive. If you look around at other luxury brands flagship vehicles, you notice something interesting: rear-wheel drive standard and all-wheel drive optional. We think this is the path that Acura needs to take with the RLX. The car’s abysmal sales tell us that many people don’t want to buy it, and we doubt the updated 2018 model to do much better. To make this model a true contender, it needs to shake things up, and going rear-wheel drive is one way to do that.

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Toyota Yaris iA

Toyota Yaris iA

The Toyota Yaris iA is a fantastic driving, very affordable, little sedan. It's the closest thing you can get to a sports sedan for the price. The steering and handling are great thanks to the fact that the majority of the car was borrowed from the Mazda2. It has a paltry 106 hp, but it's still fun because you can drive it hard all the time. As fun to drive as the car is already, it would be even better with rear-wheel drive. Sure, rear-wheel drive won't fix that ugly catfish face or the fact that the rear seats are really only large enough for kids, but it would make an already great driving car that much better.

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